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What are Different Types of Yoga?

These days, Yoga is becoming more popular because it gives numerous benefits to the humans such as it reduces stress, gives relaxation, removes negative thoughts and pains, and solves physical and mental problems. For different problems, there are different types of Yoga exercises are there to perform to get a better solution for your respective… Read More »

Do’s and Dont’s of Prenatal Yoga Exercise

One of the unique benefits of yoga which are not seen in any other workouts or exercises is, it can be done even by pregnant women. Even though the regular yoga is not advisable there is a special kind of yoga which is named as prenatal yoga especially designed for the pregnant women. During pregnancy… Read More »

Is Yoga Better than the Workouts at Gym?

There is an on going debate on whether a high intensity workout at gym is better or simple yogic postures are more helpful. Experts in the respective fields often tend to highlight their own styles since they have strong belief and in depth knowledge on what they teach and what they practice. However, when seen… Read More »

Is Yoga Similar to Exercise?

Yoga is an ancient form of art which is used to calm down your body and soul using different body postures called Asanas. Even though it involves some physical activity it is no way related to doing exercise. The benefits evolved by doing exercise are different from those which are attained by yoga. More over… Read More »

How is Online Yoga Helpful

With the advent of technology we are able to do many things comfortably sitting at home through Internet. Many online courses are evolved which help us to learn many things with out going out. Similarly online yoga is also introduced which helps the people all over to learn yoga easily with out attending any regular… Read More »