How to Choose a Web Hosting Company?

website monitoring serviceChoosing a web hosting company is a major problem for many people due to lack of awareness of web hosting and as if they are new to the business. Here is a guide that can help you choose the hosting company if they adhere to the points discussed here.

At first experience in the industry is the main point. So, make sure to check how experienced they are in providing hosting service to their clients and also check since how many years the web hosting company is in the market. Experience plays a major role because, with more experience the clients will get good services as they hosting providers will know the market.

Check how many clients the service provider that you have chosen to research has. The number of clients shows their credibility in the market. You can also get the feedback from those clients about the company at their website.

website monitoringReviews
Along with the feedback form the clients you can also do the online research for the company and read the customer or client reviews that are there. But, most of the reviews may not be genuine. So, better go with direct interaction with the clients to know the company.

Check, what services the web hosting company is ready to provide for the clients and which services are really good from that company. This is because, all the services may not meet the requirements of the market. So, particularly check for the hosting service you need.

The location of the company is important for clients. It is necessary to check the hosting location of the company. This is important because, it helps the potential customers to directly interact with the hosting company whenever necessary or when they need the support from the company once they opt for the hosting service in that particular company.

Customer support is an important factor that you need to check. Therefore, see to it that they are good at providing support whenever necessary regardless of time. It’s, therefore, important to check with the existing clients of the company because they will probably provide the correct information.

Security and confidentiality of data is a major factor for clients to consider. It is your responsibility to check if the hosting company is good in maintaining your vital information and data of your site securely without any issues. This is a must and you need this for your website.

These are the major factors that help you in choosing a web hosting company. Check out these factors and move forward.

Self Defense Tips for Women

Self defense and self protection are important for women because they are more likely to be victims of violent crimes such as rape and sexual assault. Many a times women feel frightened to walk alone and they wonder what they should do if approached by a predator. If you are facing a situation where you think you are in trouble, you must slow down your steps and collect all your small tools that are their in your handbag. Follow the below mentioned self defense tips to keep yourself safe and protected.

Use handy tools: As you have already collected your tools from your bag, use them to attack the stranger. Use whatever you have to protect yourself and harm the attacker, so that he is injured, make sure you are not to violent, because if the attacker dies this may lead to serious consequences. Things like pepper spray, small knifes, pens, etc., can be used to harm the attacker and it is suggested to carry such things whenever you are out.

Use your arts and skills: If you have learned any self-defense tactics or have any other skills, try to use it on the attacker to protect yourself from the attack. It is necessary that every women today should attend empowerment programs and learn unarmed or empty hand self-defense techniques to prevent crime from happening.

Know which body parts to hurt: If you are not good at self-defense tactics then use this tip. Try empowering your full energy levels and hurt them on the sensitive body parts. But, before that you should know, hurting which body parts gives you protection. Hurt them on the sensitive parts like head portion, eyes, heart, etc. Maximize the harm so that there will be a chance for you to escape.

Try to escape or make some noise: Ultimately, if all this doesn’t workout, try to escape from the clutches of the attacker. If you are unable to do so, then try making loud noise so that people living or traveling in that area will come to your rescue. Or else, if you have mobile in your hand try to make a call to your friend or family members to tell them about the situation and ask them to come to the place as early as possible.

For women, being a target of a violent crime is frightening and tragic, but if you learn some self-defense tactics you can control every situation and defend yourself.
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Get to Know Synthetic and Passive Website Monitoring

website monitoring serviceThe Internet has made businesses do their job with ease. If you have a well maintained website, it is more likely to bring success to your online business. But bear in mind that web applications are complex and they are growing continuously. If yours is an e-commerce business site, the website’s outage even for a few moments may cost you a lot. In view of this there is a high risk of your website being not available to your customers even for a short duration. Therefore, it is important to choose a website monitor for the optimal performance of your website. In this article, we will discuss synthetic and passive monitoring.

While choosing website monitor, it is important to take a look at the various choices offered by the monitoring service. We can consider active and passive monitoring.

While passive monitoring is meant in determining the problem in a website. Whereas active monitoring also known as synthetic monitoring is associated with checking server connectivity, network problems and application problems.

website monitoringPassive monitoring
Passive monitoring is otherwise known as real-user monitoring. It is popular among big organizations. Such entities use enterprise management tools to check application’s performance within the network.

This monitoring is suitable to check real-end user behavior. It is good for:

  • Monitoring pings that may be obtained by a proxy
  • Monitoring activities on client side
  • Page to page monitoring
  • Monitor actual on-page activity time

However, this monitoring is not suitable if:

  • The end users are not real or they do not interact with the site, because in such a case there is no data to process.
  • It does not monitor DNS issues, network or firewall issue.

Synthetic monitoring
Synthetic (active) monitoring is associated with monitoring issues related to performance connectivity from multiple Internet points. This monitoring is advantageous because performance problems can be detected before they start affecting your website or web applications.

  • Monitoring happens from multiple Internet locations.
  • Active monitoring service should perform reporting as frequently as possible.
  • It should be able to make sure that there are no errors within a page, SSL certificate.

While choosing a service both the services have advantages. Of these, some benefits are exclusive, that is, they are only in one kind of service. Both services monitor and furnish data on performance, the way they work are different from one another.

Ideally, you need to take a mix of passive and active monitoring. By this, issues in performance can be known beforehand. This ensures you get optimal results.

Benefits of Learning German Online

German is not only spoken in Europe, but is also spoken worldwide by over 120 million people. Whether you want to learn German for professional front or for business opportunity, or to understand the culture, the benefits of learning German are numerous. We are going to discuss the benefits of learning German online.

As said earlier, German language is not only spoken in Europe, but worldwide. This leads to the huge demand for learning German. With the growth of German organizations across the world, knowing German language not only helps when working with a Germany based company, but also helps when dealing with German speaking clients, so that they will feel comfortable while talking with you.

Though there are many ways to learn German such as going to German teaching schools, reading German language teaching books or listening to German radio and TV shows, learning the language online is a better option because it is flexible in terms of the number of hours and is totally interactive.

Learning German online has its own benefits, you can learn at your own pace, learn from home at your leisure, choose the lessons you want. This provides quality learning at a reasonable price, so you can save your valuable time and money as well. The fact that you are learning German online is to learn at your own pace and you can structure your lessons based on your available time.

Learning German online is fun and interactive through audio tapes and CDs. These tools will help you master the language. With a cost-effective and affordable method, you can take advantage of the comprehensive educational methods.

Learning German online is a good way to build a foundation in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and writing skills. There is a professional staff that helps the learners, get along with the program and they assist at every step of the course. Online institutes have professional teaching staff who provide live German lessons to teach and improve your German speaking and writing skills.

If you are planning to brush up your German language skills it is advisable to have the details of some good online German learning institutes before taking the final decision. At the end of your online program, these online institutes offer a certificate.

Whether you are a beginner or a fairly good German speaker, online learning is a rewarding experience. All that you need is a bit curiosity, interest and some dedicated hard work to learn the language – German.

Difference Between Traditional Desktop Web apps and Mobile Apps

Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the adoption of smartphones for internet usage. In some countries, the web traffic from smartphones and tabs have exceeded the desktop computers. To compete with the existing mobile market, businesses are developing mobile versions of their existing applications. Mobile apps provide the flexibility of operation from anyplace whereas desktop versions of applications have restricted mobility. Both these two versions have their own specific benefits and drawbacks. Though both use similar technologies, there are few fundamental differences between mobile and traditional desktop apps.

Thick vs Thin clients

Traditional web applications use thick or fat client where a client-server architecture or network typically provides application access. In this design, some parts of the application are accessed from the client while others can be accessed from the server. However, mobile apps use thin clients where the applications depend heavily on servers for its access. Since most of the thin clients have low energy processors, flash storage, or memory, mobile apps are slow when compared to desktop traditional apps.

Network Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a major drawback in mobile apps as many of them use only lower 3G or 4G internet connection speed. Since tradition web applications use high network bandwidths, they are much faster and have higher performance. The low bandwidth is one of the reasons that mobile apps have extended user sessions and poor response times.

Remote Data Access

While using mobile apps, the users need to face many unique challenges in terms of data access which are not found in server or desktop environments. Since the remote data for mobiles is accessed through network connections which travel from tower to tower, the performance is low when compared to traditional web apps.

Computing Ability

Since smartphones and PCs have different CPUs they have different processing powers and memory storage. Hence, the computing performance of both the devices are entirely different. Smartphone CPUs are generally smaller and have limited computing ability. As mobile apps have only limited processing powers their performance will be comparatively lower than the desktop web applications.

Touch vs Click

Desktop applications offer better user experience because mobile devices have touch based inputs which are not always effective. Mobile users need to use their fingers for navigation from one page to another whereas desktop applications use keyboard or a mouse. While it is easy to navigate using a mouse for desktops, small-screened mobile devices require precision in touch for navigation.

Data Restrictions

When you are using mobile apps on your smartphone, you need to track data usage to see which app is using the most. Generally, mobile networks charge for the data that consumers use. If you are using more mobile apps on your smartphone, then you may end up paying higher bills to your mobile service. This is not the case with desktop web applications because they use optimizing techniques for caching of data.

How to prevent teeth from getting stained?

By nature we all have some flaws in our teeth. While some of the people feel bad about their broken or crooked arrangement, others worry about their dull or stained colored teeth. Our teeth can acquire stains with age or perhaps due to excess consumption of colored foods and beverages that are turning them into dark yellow tint. It is important to remember that only a pearly white teeth can make our smile bright and attractive. In order to achieve bright white teeth, people undergo many whitening treatments and follow certain precautions to protect their teeth from getting stained. There are certain tips that people can follow to avoid teeth staining and maintain their whiter smile.

Exposure to fluorides
Children at early young ages should avoid the usage of too many fluoride containing products. Getting exposed to fluoride will discolor the teeth or turn the teeth into dark or pale yellow colors. Generally dentists recommend fluoride containing toothpastes or mouthwash for children to keep their teeth healthy but excess utilization may also give adverse effects.

Staying away from stain causing foods
Studies have shown that people who consume coffee, tea, wine, berries, hard candies etc are more prone to tooth discoloration than the others who stay away from these foods. Initially the stains start with outer extrinsic surface but if proper care is not taken it can get deep inside the inner parts of the tooth pulp.

Using straw to drink beverages
While some people who strictly keep themselves away from the colored foods and drinks, others have no control on their food habits and become vulnerable to teeth problems. If you have a habit of drinking lot of beverages, it is better to use a straw which can keep the stain-causing colors away from your teeth.

Following good oral hygiene
Following a good regime of brushing, rinsing and flossing habits will reduce the risk of getting affected by the stained food. Many dentists suggest people to follow this process immediately after having food as it removes the food particles and stains that are stuck on the surface or inside the teeth.

Getting your teeth professionally checked regularly
Unless there is a major issue people generally do not prefer to go to the dentist for checkups and treatments. What they don’t realize is, having regular dental checkups will avoid the occurrence of major issues as in many cases these dental issues get identified at the early stage and are treated immediately. Hence, before complicating the issue of a normal stain into intrinsic tooth problem, it is better to have regular dental checkups for normal cleaning and whitening methods.

Avoiding tobacco and cigarettes
Prolonged usage of tobacco, cigarette or cigar can cause deep stains on your teeth and it may require some special procedures to totally get rid of them. Beyond these risks, it can also lead to other gum diseases and oral health problems. Even though people are aware of the drawbacks, they are not able to quit because they are habituated to it. The first step towards cessation process is getting some professional help who can support you to come out of this addiction.

Tests Performed On Draft Fans

jet fansThe basic requirement for testing draft fans is to find the amount of air and exhaust gases flowing out of the furnace or boiler. Draft fans may accumulate some dust particles on the blades of the fan, resulting in lower flow rates of the air and exhaust gases. Strength test is performed based on the rigidity of the system to determine the amount of stress that the system can withstand.

Measuring air and gases flow rate

  • The main purpose of the draft fans is to either provide fresh air into boiler or to remove the exhaust gases from it.
  • Flow rate can be measured in many ways. Simple way to measure is by knowing the pressure difference in the boiler between induced draft and forced draft.
  • If the pressure head, kinetic head and potential heads are known then the mass flow rate  is known by which the flow rate of the air and gases are calculated.
  • In modern world there are some advanced devices which use electric energy to find out the flow rate of the gases when placed on their path of motion.

Strength Test

    Centrifugal Fan
  • The flow rate of the fans are tested after they are installed in the boiler. The strength test can be performed any time either before installing or after installing.
  • Strength test determines the amount of stress that can be hold by the system.
    A system may be subjected to either thermal stress or structural stress.
  • The thermal stresses are induced as a phenomenon of the conduction due to temperature difference among the parts of the fan.
  • Structural stresses are induced due to the action of various factors such as vibrations caused at the lower speed of the fans.
    The thermal stresses are tested on the conditions of conduction, convection, radiation and heat flux.
  • The structural stresses are tested depending on the strain energy and the Young’s modulus of the material used.
  • In the convection method they are tested using a model of the system and the model is applied for real conditions such as temperature and pressures in case of thermal stresses, and ultimate stress & yield stress in case of structural stress distribution.
  • The above mentioned testing may sometimes result in destruction of the system.
  • Due to advancement of computer technology there are many software’s which use numeric methods such as FEA to find the thermal and structural stress of the system.
  • By the aid of these numeric systems one can give the exact values of the stresses induced in the system.

In industries, testing is very important as it increases the life of the system. If the system is not tested thoroughly, there can be huge loss of money or human life in the organization.

Working of a Ventilation System

The working of a ventilation system is broadly explained based on two phenomenon in the system i.e. inlet and outlet of air inside the work place and the circulation of the air inside the work place. These two will decide the working of the system. For different kinds of ventilation systems, the operations may not be the same.

Inlet and Outlet of air in the Ventilation System

  • The removal of contaminated air and the inlet of fresh air is the main use of the ventilation system. This can be done by the aid of fans and tubes. When the fans are in action, they will change the direction of air or let the motion of the air to be fast.
  • Then the air with the motion is allowed to pass through the series of tubes where it is moved out of the working environment as in case of local exhaust or it is mixed with the fresh air in order to make the contaminated air less toxic in the working environment.
  • The inlet and outlet movement of the gas or the contaminated air is done by fans and the gases are captured due to the presence of a small nozzle type arrangement called as hood which will not allow the gases to exit from the tubes.
  • Take the case of dilution system, in which the inlet air is let into the ventilation system and just made to move from one side of the working place to the other place where it is let out of the tubes by the aid of the exhaust fans.
  • Similarly, take the case of the local exhaust system, in which the air is let in at a place and just let out from the other place. Air in the local exhaust system is also subjected to air cleaning.

Circulation of air inside the building

  • The circulation of air is to be done in dilution type of ventilation system. The circulation just reduces the concentration of the toxic air inside the working area.
  • Circulation of air also involves heat recovery system which maintains nominal temperature in the working area. The circulation is also done by the aid of a blower which will allow the air, in more concentrated area to move to the area in the lower contaminated air or fresh air.
  • The main advantage of air circulation is, we need not take fresh air every time from the surroundings and liberate the contaminated air outside. It also saves the excess work.
  • Circulation is also performed by creating low pressure region within the working environment so that the contaminated air can be mixed together attaining equilibrium of the pressure.

In a ventilation system, we can either circulate air inside or move the contaminated air completely outside the work place or we can have both in a single system.

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Different Parts of a Ventilation System

tunnel ventilationEvery mechanical system has parts that make the working easier. In ventilation system too there are certain parts which make a complete system.

Mechanical parts of the ventilation systems

The mechanical systems consists of the series of tubes, air cleaner, blower etc. The mechanical arrangement for a dilution type ventilation is different that of the local exhaust system.

  • Tubes
    • The system must have tubes as it will cause the air to move from one place to another place.
    • They can be made of different materials and different sizes depending upon the requirement of the industry.
    • The tubes may also get corroded as they may be exposed to the toxic gases present in the working area when they are made of any kind of a metal.
    • These tubes have perforations on their surface area in order to inhale the gases or the contaminated air.
  • Air cleaner
    • Air cleaner is usually used in the local exhaust type in order to remove the contaminated air which is taken by the ventilation at the very source.
    • This usually requires a electric power in order to run the air cleaner. Size of the air cleaner may be determined by the type of the industry.
    • In case of industry with toxic gases liberation the chemical process such as oxidation and hydration is carried to remove the gases from the air.
    • In case of material contaminated air a centrifuge is used in order to remove the materials.
    • When a centrifuge is implied, it rotates the contaminated air so that higher weight particles will be settled down.
  • Blower
    • Blower is sometimes used in order to forcibly make a change in the direction of the air.
    • This is used with the dilution type, in order to make the contaminated air mix with the non-contaminated air.


The ventilation system consists of different types of fans such as tube pressurizing fan and exhaust fan.

  • Tube Pressurizing Fans
    • This tube is usually present at the beginning of the source where it takes the contaminated air into it.
    • This fan creates low pressure inside the tube so that the gases will travel quickly inside the tube.
    • These can be made of either iron based alloy and aluminum alloys.
    • Their working is very easy, they just create a low pressure in a region so that the air present around it will be inhaled creating an equilibrium.
    • The surroundings of the pressurizing fan are to be fitted tight, in order to prevent the leakage of contaminated air.
  • Exhaust Fans
    • These fans are usually placed nearer to the outside environment.
    • The exhaust fans just let the contaminated air go outside the working environment.
    • These are similarly made of alloy steel or an aluminum alloy.
    • Exhaust fans are used to create a high pressure so that the contaminated air will be exhaled out to attain the equilibrium.
    • The exhaust fans surrounding are also to be air tight in order to prevent the leakage of air into the workplace.

There are many other parts in the ventilation system such as hoods, shutters, air filter etc which also play an important role in the working of the ventilation system.