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Up-time Vs Downtime of a Website

Coming up with a great idea and setting up a professional business website with optimized quality content, right format and graphic designs, etc., and waiting for results might work out for a short period. However, in the long run, it doesn’t work. If you want a long term success, your site should be regularly updated and monitored. This helps you to know when your site goes up or down. You can find the root cause of the downtime to resolve the issues before it effects your end user. In this post, you will see what is website up-time and downtime and how it performance effects.

What is website’s up-time?site monitoring
Website up-time refers to the period of time that your site is visible and accessible to the end user and search engine crawler. It is very important to maintain good up-time percentage. Because you may not lose those potential customers, when they are searching for your services.

Effects of website’s up-time:
24×7 available and accessible: Website’s up-time is extremely important for an organization to run the business successfully. This is because, if your website is available and accessible to the end user for 24 hours, 7 days (365 days), there is a potential chance of getting good revenue for your business.

Customer satisfaction: Customers comes to your site in search of products and services. This takes place only when your site is up-time (visible & accessible) and provided required information.

Keeps company’s reputation intact: In the online world, website represents the organization’s identity. If your website is up-time and performing without any issues, you will not loose the confidence of the customers.

Keeps search engine ranking: Search engine crawlers access you site to index your site in search results. This happen only when your site is visible and accessible to them.

What is website’s downtime?
Website downtime refers to the period of time that your site is not visible and accessible to the end user and search engine robots.

Effects of website’s downtime
Loss of revenue: Each minute of site’s downtime equates to loss of revenue.

Loss of Customers and online reputation: Customers are impatient and gets frustrated, when they face difficulty in accessing your site. And they jump into your competitor’s site. This in turn affects your company’s reputation.

Loss of search engine ranking: When your site is facing downtime for a long period of time. Even after several attempts, if search engine crawlers/spiders are unable to access your site, they may deindex your site from the search results. However, it is difficult to get back the trust or image of you business.
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Know about Web Monitoring Systems with Alert Systems

check website uptimeMany businesses or organizations that are doing their business online should have a good web presence and hence need a web monitoring software to monitor their websites and servers. However web monitoring services use web monitoring software to monitor the website. To provide this service, service providers will be there to monitor your website. They continuously provide reports of your website online. Through this reports, business owners can check what’s happening in their website and can take necessary decisions if needed. Suppose, if anything occurs or website is going to be down, the software will enable the service provider. The service provider will, and then alerts the business owners through e-mail or SMS whether any changes are to be done to the website. These services prove a great deal of help to web masters or service providers or system administrations as fashion alert systems which trigger off alerts in case of any error or a downtime occur.

When an alert occurs, it will always help in pointing issues and also getting an in-depth of analysis for the cause of a problem. This service also contains the information about the website performance. Through this information, you can analyze and can better improve the performance of the website by adding necessary elements if needed.

An online company’s worst nightmare happens when the server goes down at midnight and the clients on the other side of the other world are unable to access the reports and programs they depend on. However, this is not happening these days because companies have technical knowledge and they are finding the defaults and solving it to prevent disaster.

Nowadays companies are setting targets for online availability to reach their goal using web monitoring software and tools. This made the company easier to maintain their website available all the time. Read more

How to Get More Customer Trust with Server Monitoring?

Active websites are important to online businesses. These are useful in winning the trust of more customers by showing results. Monitoring facilities are important to business websites which prevent website failures to make activate websites. Similarly server monitoring is also important to businesses in monitoring all network connections to prevent connection failures.website monitoring

Server monitoring is as important as website monitoring because all the applications are hosted in the website servers. If any issue affects the applications performance in server, it can be detected and identified. These issues increase the website application downtime and slowdown the website performance. The website slowdown impacts web traffic.

Server application failure causes website failure by applications downtime. Applications failure is a major reason of visitors’ frustration with websites. It affects visitors trust on websites.

Server monitoring facilities are important to monitor all applications in a website to find the application errors quickly. These send error-finding information immediately to prevent those errors in primary stage. Server active performance increases the applications performance in websites to activate the websites.

To retain the existing customers and boosting customer relations, active websites are important. Server monitoring activates website performance with active applications that are helpful in generating good website traffic. Remember website traffic is more because of visitors’ trust in website. Read more

What are the Important Features to Look for While Using Website Monitoring Software?

For online business companies websites are important. These are the sources from where customers build relationship with companies. So, active performance of website is important in building loyal relationship with customers. These active websites boost businesses by showing quick results.

Website monitoring is important in activating the websites; these facilities continuously monitor web applications to prevent website failures. Choosing and using important monitoring software is beneficial, some major features are,

  • Instant reporting: Monitoring programs should report up to date performance of website applications and report the information on finding errors.website monitoring service
  • Every application monitoring: Monitoring all application is important in finding errors there to prevent those.
  • Installation: It is also important in installation process. It does not require technical experts.
  • Trouble shooting: Continuous monitoring is important to website in finding the troubles in website applications and, to prevent those quickly.

These features are beneficial to website monitoring. Monitoring boosts website performance by website trouble shooting. Read more

Can Website Monitoring Programs Prevent Revenue Losses?

Websites are important to every business institutions which are used to provide the updated information to their website visitors. Hence, website maintenance is more beneficial to the businesses. No proper maintenance of websites, sometimes results in losses too.website monitoring price

Commonly the losses occur due to website failures for showing results. Reasons of these failures is improper maintenance of website.

Very common reasons for website failures are:

Website hosting problems: Hosting problems take place when you are sharing website hosting services. Sharing website hosting proves to be risky for updating website information. Shared hosting faces challenges during displaying the search results.

Browser capabilities: Poor browser capabilities are causing revenue losses to companies, when your website is facing challenges at showing results in different browsers, its diverting the visitors interest to competitors website. Poor browser capabilities of the website is diverting the visitors interest.

Security concerns: This is the common problem among every website. All the websites are facing challenges, security concerns causing website information losses, which reduce the website’s performance.

When are you using website monitoring services in your website it prevents these browsing and information security problems. Hence, all these services are highly helpful in preventing revenue losses. Read more