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Up-time Vs Downtime of a Website

Coming up with a great idea and setting up a professional business website with optimized quality content, right format and graphic designs, etc., and waiting for results might work out for a short period. However, in the long run, it doesn’t work. If you want a long term success, your site should be regularly updated… Read More »

How to Get More Customer Trust with Server Monitoring?

Active websites are important to online businesses. These are useful in winning the trust of more customers by showing results. Monitoring facilities are important to business websites which prevent website failures to make activate websites. Similarly server monitoring is also important to businesses in monitoring all network connections to prevent connection failures. Server monitoring is… Read More »

What are the Important Features to Look for While Using Website Monitoring Software?

For online business companies websites are important. These are the sources from where customers build relationship with companies. So, active performance of website is important in building loyal relationship with customers. These active websites boost businesses by showing quick results. Website monitoring is important in activating the websites; these facilities continuously monitor web applications to… Read More »

Can Website Monitoring Programs Prevent Revenue Losses?

Websites are important to every business institutions which are used to provide the updated information to their website visitors. Hence, website maintenance is more beneficial to the businesses. No proper maintenance of websites, sometimes results in losses too. Commonly the losses occur due to website failures for showing results. Reasons of these failures is improper… Read More »