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Microsoft Office Vs Apache OpenOffice

It is important for any organization to have software to increase productivity and accuracy. Office suite is one such software that helps organizations like schools, hospitals, small businesses, public organizations and individuals in their work. Office suite provides its users with word processors, calculation spreadsheets, presentation tools and database managing tools.

Differences between Web Server and Application Server

Many people confuse when it comes a Web server and an application server. A Web server and an application server are different from each other although, they have some similarities. This article mentions some important differences between web server and the application server.

How are Mainframes and PCs Similar

Mainframes can be termed as personal computers, but personal computers cannot be termed as mainframes. Mainframes are specifically designed for performing critical tasks that need massive amounts of data stored in disks. Large companies use mainframes to process applications such as payrolls, accounting, business proceedings, data retrieval, reservation of seats, computing calculations of scientific related… Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainframe Systems

Mainframes are typically used by large-scale industries to perform/process their critical business applications. Earlier, these mainframes used to occupy more space and a separate cooling systems had to be provided to keep these mainframe systems cool. However, now a days, these computers are in smaller in size with capability of giving high computing performance. Based… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Enterprise Software

It is common for any application or the software to have some advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, enterprise software also has some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the major advantages and disadvantages are discussed below in this article.