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Requirement for fish to survive in aquarium?

People who wants to keep fish as a pet in their homes should know the basic requirements for fish to survive in an aquarium. Before purchasing the fish, you should have some necessary things at your home such as aquarium, aquarium filters, food for fish, aquarium water heaters, aquarium aerator and tank mates in order… Read More »

Tips To Select A New Puppy

Most of us were confused when a select a puppy but if you take the proper steps it should not be tough. Whenever you are going a select a pup you need to call your vet and make an appointment to have the puppy examined. Your vet will want to start vaccinations and de-worming at… Read More »

Insurance for your Pet – Is it necessary?

To keep a pet is an enriching experiment that good numbers among us appreciate, but it can also be expensive. As well as all the costs of routine such as food and grooming, you can also run up against you against the expenditure not planned such as the invoices vetinary by the disease or the… Read More »

Dangerous foods to Dogs

Some foods commonly enjoyed by humans are dangerous to dogs: Some dogs love to eat the flavor chocolate, but chocolate in sufficient doses is lethally toxic to dogs. Because chocolate have the Theobromine, a chemical stimulant that, together with caffeine and theophylline, belongs to the group of methylxanthine alkaloids. So keep away this food from… Read More »