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Different Types of Countertop Edges

Countertop edges are also part of creating an elegant look to your kitchen. Edges come in a variety of shapes. Edges of the countertops show the attribute of your kitchen. Depending on the look of your kitchen you can choose any of the below listed type of edging to your countertops. Some of the common… Read More »

Ceramic Tile Countertops and their Pros and Cons

Ceramic tiles are usually used for flooring or walls, however, they can also be used for countertops. A kitchen with ceramic tile countertops looks elegant and neat. Both wall and floor tiles can be used for countertops. While wall tiles are found in more styles, floor tiles are more durable. However, choose any of them… Read More »

Know the Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are not uncommon today especially in modern and stylish kitchens. However, before planning to install or remodel your kitchen by glass countertops, it’s better to consider their durability, maintenance, features, cost, etc. Here are some pros and cons of glass countertops. Pros Glass countertops are beautiful to look and they bring a new,… Read More »