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What is the Difference Between Private Investigators and Private Detectives?

Most people these days face various problems, personal or professional. While there are some things that can be solved on our own, some can be resolved only with the help of a private investigator. The specialized person involved in investigation and problem solving for individuals, government organizations, or business organizations should have specific skills. The investigation services include various areas like fraud, missing persons, surveillance, and many others.

Private detectives and private investigators are the two common terms used for investigation of people. Both are used interchangeably. Very few states call the special persons as detectives. However, in most of the states they are referred as investigators.

However, there is a certain difference between private investigators and private detectives. The most important and the basic difference between them is the type of duties performed by them. Private investigators are the people who are involved in providing investigation services for private citizens. So they are not associated with investigation works of police or other government organizations. However, some insurance companies hire investigators to check their customers and certain suspicious claims. Whereas, private detectives work for government agencies and help them in criminal matters. The term detective is mostly used for referring police work. It is better to know the difference between them to choose the right one based on your cases. For example, for a divorce case you can hire a private investigator and for corporation investigations you can hire a private detective. However, the terms are interchangeable in some states. Wherever they may work, they should have a certified license for working.

Necessity of Elderly Abuse Investigations

Investigation is a work of a private investigator. As you know, a private investigator can be involved in providing different types of services. The investigator finds missing persons, work for insurance companies, conduct asset searches and background checks and so on. Did you ever hear about elderly abuse investigations? This is one such type of investigation to protect the elderly people.

A large number of elderly people are abused, neglected and exploited these days. The older, frail, and vulnerable people become victims for the abuse. They cannot help themselves as they need to depend on others in order to meet their own basic needs. Friends or even family members may be the abusers.

Any knowing, negligent, and intentional act by a caregiver of the elderly person that causes harm or risk can be considered as an elderly abuse. The abuse may be physical, financial or emotional which is meant to destruct the relationships. The exploitation including illegal taking or misuse of funds, properties, or any other assets of the senior person for others’ benefit can also come under elderly abuse. Even certain people are abandoned or deserted without providing any care. There are also certain cases where the senior person dies because of the abuse. It has therefore become necessary to conduct investigation for finding specific reason for elderly abuse and find a solution for it. Some private investigators are also involved in investigating the elderly abuse. Certain signs of elderly abuse make the investigators confirm that the old one is abused. Elderly abuse investigations are hence a boon for the senior people.

What are the Benefits of an Asset Search for Companies?

Asset searches are beneficial for individuals, government agencies, attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and investors. They are conducted to find hidden assets and liabilities. Let us know the benefits of asset searches conducted for companies.

Many small and large businesses benefit a lot from asset searches. Companies hire private investigators for conducting asset searches on non-paying clients and customers. An owner of a company may get into trouble suffering from the bad position and impact due to non-payment. Private investigators are provided with basic information of clients or customers who refused to pay their outstanding debt. Basic information includes the full name, physical address, telephone number, and social security number of the individual. The detailed information collected regarding the assets of the client are then submitted to the attorney. This provides them the ability to proceed with required course of action. The benefits of asset searches for companies in this case is to know the assets owned by the individual guilt for non-payment. Real estate properties, trust accounts, saving bank accounts, vehicles, planes, and others on the person’s name are known from asset searches.

Asset searches can also be used as a pre-investment tool for an investor, joint venture, partnership or any other business entities before entering a contract. Potential liabilities, lawsuits, or federal and state criminal records of the subject can pose dangers to the deal. So they are checked by conducting asset searches. Professional licenses, bankruptcies, voter registration information, employment information, and corporate entities associated with the person or entity are some other details which are known through asset searches. Thus, asset searches are very much beneficial for companies.

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How can Social Media be Used for Skip Tracing?

Private investigation agencies offer skip tracing services. Skip tracing is nothing but a process of locating a person’s whereabouts for many purposes. Private investigators and bounty hunters used to perform skip tracing by gathering information from neighbors through reverse-look-up directories. Public record searches were also done in person. All these are very difficult. With advancement in technology, these days social media helps a lot in skip tracing.

During mid-eighties, computerized records and databases were used. Missed persons’ information such as addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, court records, marriage records, and real estate records were known by these databases. However, in order to access these databases, investigators had to pay high premiums. These days many online databases are available which provide reasonable subscription costs. Free search engine technologies are also available and can be used for skip tracing.

With increase in advancement of Web 2.0 technologies, there is a rise in use of many social networking sites. Many people use these sites providing personal and professional information. Photos, relations, friends, interests, location, and workplace organization information are posted by many people in various social networking sites. These serve as public records databases. Social networking sites can thus be used as a primary source in skip tracing.

Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most popular social networking sites in use today. At least a bit of information can be obtained by these sites. Clues can be tracked from such information in order to find the missing person. Thus social media can also be helpful for skip tracing services.

Know About Skip Tracing

Sometimes you want to know about a person who had disappeared by moving and changing the phone number or name. It becomes very much difficult for you to trace such person. Skip tracing is the process of finding the missing persons and their current location. An individual may find the missing person through some legal means. However an investigator can find them more easily. Skip tracing services are provided by certain private investigation agencies or organizations.

The reasons for his missing may or may not be intentional. If a person is missing unintentionally then it is easy to find. There is no part of fault or mistake on such person. It is difficult to find an intentional missing person. The person may skip due to some reasons such as bill collections and legal problems. Such persons may avoid using credit cards. They may change their name and phone numbers. Such persons may skip to other local cities or may change their address to some other international country.

Skip tracing may include tracking down deadbeat parents and missing witnesses. Long-lost loved ones and some persons who skip from debts are also found through skip tracing.

The investigator may have a network with other investigators for locating a missing person. Skip tracing techniques are used by a bounty-hunter for locating bail-jumpers. However, their activity is subjected to some state regulations. The skip tracing services are conducted by some agencies which provide skip tracers. A skip tracer should have a license for performing the services. The investigator may use some public records and other documentation while performing the search.

Let us see some other examples where skip tracing services are helpful. At certain instances, attorneys that handle estates hire skip tracers for finding missing heirs. In some cases, adopted children also take help of skip tracing services for finding their birth parents.