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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Planning for email marketing? It is an inexpensive way for promoting your business to reach your customers. But, reaching through email marketing is difficult method if not planned properly. You should know what to do and what not before you start your email marketing. This helps you a lot to reach more customers and to attract them to your business. So, would you like to know the do’s and don’ts of email marketing? Then read this article.

Do’s of email marketing

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is, personalize all the emails of your customers and messages that you are sending. This is an effective work. Know start with formal message so that people feel good to read your message further. Personalization includes greeting, adding customers name in the subject line, including sign in your email, etc.
  • The message that you are sending to your customers should be short, simple and interactive. Short and interactive messages make you reach more to the customers because, they will have lots of messages to read and they simply ignore the messages that are long and not focused or interactive.
  • Message should also contain a link which redirects them to your website and the landing page of the particular link shouldn’t be broken and it should be direct. So, that they can know about your product or service in short period of time.
  • The subject line of your message should be simple and it should be straight forward so that people will be willing to go through the entire mail. It should also attract customers and for this you need to be creative in writing effective subject line.
  • Include call to action, and it should be relevant to the content. Email marketing is effective if you make your customers to respond to your mail. You should be creative when you are using call to action in your mails.

Don’ts of email marketing

  • Email is a good chance to attract your customers so don’t loose this chance by making grammatical or spelling mistakes in your mail. This will show that you don’t have credibility. So, take care of each and every point in your email before you send it to your customers.
  • Don’t use too many graphics because, this increase the loading time of the mail and customer feels irritated and just closes it. So, just use simple effects wherever necessary.
  • The link that you have included in the email should be working i.e., it should have a correct landing page to your website and it just should not be a page for just making payment or showing offers.
  • The main mistake most of the marketers do is, sending the emails to long list of customers at a time, this shows that the message is unsolicited and makes the customers understand that you are sending this message as a part of your advertisement campaign and they will not be willing to spend time on that.

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Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

Marketing involves promoting products and making them attract potential customers. Before the advent of the internet, most of the traditional marketing was about oral and physical advertising of the products and services. Now it is more with online and electronic advertising. Internet marketing has both technical and creative aspects including sales, advertising, development, and design. Now we will see the pros and cons with the internet marketing.

  • Pros: The following are the pros with the internet marketing
    • Easy to track: Tracking is a good advantage with the internet marketing. With the data available from the ad server, it is easy to know how many clicks are happen on the advertisement, and how many are converted into sales. It helps to understand the behavior of the customers.
  • Higher customer appeal: With the Internet marketing businesses have the advantage of attracting the consumers in a way that can results quickly. It provides a range of marketing choices for the businesses to selected or targeted audience. Thus, the overall effectiveness and the strategy of internet marketing campaigns depend on investment in marketing and goals of the business.
  • Targeted: You can pinpoint your target market for your business as per your strategies and reach them in a cost effective ways. With an ad server you can find the blogs and websites that gives updates relevant to your business, place your ad in that blog, you can get some better deals. Because consumers are already there for seeking information about the product or service.
  • Cost effective: The ads that you are placing through the internet are having lower prices than the traditional marketing methods like placing in billboards, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Cons: Cons with the internet marketing are as follows:
    • No physical presence: The main disadvantage with the Internet marketing is, customers do not feel the product physically. Even there are many pictures and videos to show, it will not give the impression as direct shopping. Because of this, many customers prefer for direct shopping. However, it is not applicable for some products as well to the services.
  • Security concerns: In the online business, security is very important for both customers and business. Some customers feel hesitate to purchase online, because they do not believe that their personal information remain private. Some business databases are offering to remove the customer information from the database if they want.
  • If the Internet marketing data is analyzed wrongly, may lead to the fault decisions.
  • Many buyers do not trust the electronic payment system to transact through online.

There are both pros and cons with the internet marketing. These will vary based on the industry and the business model that you are following. Some pros may become cons some businesses and vice versa.
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PPC Vs. Organic SEO – What to Choose for Your Auto Dealership Website

Online traffic is the lifeblood of a successful auto dealership website. Generally there are two ways to get visitors for an auto dealership website or any other website, those are search engine optimization and the pay per click (PPC).

All the websites are prioritized and indexed on the basis of content by every search engine. Organic SEO is the process of tailoring a website to get highest rank in searches made through the search engines like Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, etc.

Companies give some specific keywords to display in the search engine results. When some one searches with those keyword phrases, the ad will be displayed as link in the search, separately to organic search results. When the person clicked on the ad it will direct to the website, and based on those clicks search engines like Google charges for it.

  • Cost: The cost per click and the cost of keyword acquisition become a whole cost for pay per click than the organic search engine optimization programs. There are additional costs for software management, services and the wastage commonly attributed to uncontrolled click fraud. In case of organic SEO, the charges are fixed for a particular period which includes all the services and maintenance. There is no need to pay any amount for the website visits or clicks.
  • Search patterns: The search patterns for PPC reveals for less search users. As well four out of five users said they never click on PPC results. More than seventy percent of search engine users visiting organic listings. The organic search engine optimization helps to get the top place in the search engine results.
  • Keywords: The keywords or keyword phrases costs are based on the popularity in pay per click advertising. In case of search engine optimization generally the keywords are a part of total cost. Keywords in the search engine optimization inserted in the content of the page and some other places like meta tags, HTML code, etc.
  • Return on investment (ROI): There are only eleven percent of the advertisers reported that they achieve higher return on investment through the PPC program than the organic SEO program.
  • Long term results: The pay per click works until the dealership is subscribed for that. If stopped the subscription or the limit is end, the next second the will not get display on the search results. In case of organic search engine optimization the website will be displayed for a long time in a good place of organic search results.

The pay per click will boost up the website visits for a short term. In case of organic search engine optimization the website can display for a long term. Even after the subscription is completed, with a small change in the website content can manage good rank in search engine results pages. Read more

Strategies and Types of Online Marketing

Ad server pricesOnline marketing involves using desktops, smartphones, tablets and other devices goods or services to sell goods or services on the Internet. Internet marketing is getting more popular because of its cost-effectiveness, easy to execute, and other positive attributes. In this article, we will discuss strategies and types of online marketing briefly.

Strategies for online marketing
Online marketing strategies includes the following :

  • Having a website: To make online marketing successful, a company should have a website where the visitors can have convenience of knowing more about you and your company. This facilitates your on line marketing.
  • Advertising online: Advertising is an effective tool for online marketing as it takes less time. The only thing you should know about online advertising is CPM and CPC.
  • Cost Per thousand impressions (CPM): CPM is the cost per thousand impressions. In this type of marketing, you buy some space on web page and you pay for the number of times the web page displays your ad.
  • AdserverCost Per Click (CPC): CPC is the cost per click advertisement. In this type of advertisement, you only need to pay for the number of times your ad is clicked by the viewer.
  • Directory listing: Adding your business to business directories, local directory listings etc is also a way of online marketing. It is less expensive but takes some time. Every business either local or international have websites allowing members to list their business online.

Types of online marketing
Types of online marketing are:

  • E-mail marketing: Products of a company are promoted using e-mail. e-mails are sent to people regarding product/services. Email marketing is aimed to convince audiences on the product/service and usefulness and thereby to purchase them.
  • Social media: Social media networking can be used to sell your products effectively. Social media marketing helps you inform and educate your prospects about your products/services – their price, quality, etc.
  • Article marketing: Under this type of marketing, articles are written and then posted on your website or any popular site. The aim is to provide viewers with valuable information clearly thereby trying to sell your products. Good articles bring good and genuine back links to your website. This helps you making more people know about your products/services. Article should be so clear that it should invite more people to view it.
  • Pay per click marketing (PPC): Users search online using certain words for product/services. In pay per click, such words are targeted by you and your ads will appear on relevant web pages. You need to pay to the advertiser when users click your ad.

To promote businesses online marketing is essential because of the growing popularity of internet technologies. Businesses need to consider individually for Internet marketing because their need differ from one another and select optimal strategies. They could hire reputed professionals for this purpose.
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How to Get High Rankings on Search Engine Results Page

The main objective of every website is to rank top on the search engines. This is possible when the people search for your website with the related keywords. Basically you should know the factors, which influences the search engine ranking, so that you can focus your efforts on them.

There are two main factors that influence your website in search engine rankings. They are on-page factors and off-page factors. The on-page factor influences directly on your website and are hosted on server such as, content, Meta tags and header tags. While the off-page factors encompasses things that affects outside the website and influences your rankings such as, link popularity.

Things you can do to improve search engines rankings
Good content, Page titles and Meta tags are the three major factors to increase your website ranking on search engine results pages. Beside these 3 things there are few other things that can improve your rankings. They are:

  • Use Target Keywords in the Content: Find the keywords that users frequently type in the search engines to find their sites. Get these target keywords in the content of your pages, in titles, in tag descriptions and at all the places where they make sense in real sentences.
  • Get High Value Links: The efficient way to determine High Value Links is to install Google Toolbar and use the Google’s Page Rank to determine link value. This is because if there is more High Value Links it can lead to better search engine popularity. It is better to have few high quality linking than the than many irrelevant links.
  • Relevant Value Added Content: Append the appropriate value added content for your website. This includes articles, blogs, news, and relevant tools to your business or industry. If your site has 100 pages of good quality content then there is a possibility of ranking top, than the site that has only 10 pages.
  • Create A Site Map: The major search engines like, Google, Yahoo have their standards for website rankings. It enables your visitors and search engines to navigate your website.
  • Use More Text Than Images: To display all the essential names, content, or links use more text than images. Search Engines do not recognize text contained in images or flash content. If there is a need to use images, then always use the Alt tag to describe the link.
  • Revisit Keywords On Regular Basis: There are several ways to search for the similar text and the search patterns vary frequently. You have to use the keywords according to those changes.
  • Submit Site To Directories: These directories include Yahoo and DMOZ. DMOZ is the Open Directory Project and is used to power thousands of sites and directories. If your site is included in this directory it gets you links to 1000’s of other sites.

This information suggests the ways to improve the rankings of your websites at search engine results page. Besides these, you may also require some other suggestions, depending on your need.

Source: Marvist.com