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Basics of Stock Trading

Trade means to purchase and sell in the jargon of the financial markets. Our financial markets are good in technology efficiency. However it is significance to understand how the markets work. There are two basic ways exchanges execute a trade. a. On the exchange floor b. Electronically. There is a solid push to carry more… Read More »

Importance Of Financial Planning

Financial planning is concluding purpose in life’s priorities, an individual’s financial goals, and after considering resources, current life style, risk profile to detail a realistic and balanced plan to achieve those goals. Financial Planning It is the process, it represents the current financial adjustments before an individual, organization or even a country, in the spending… Read More »

Comparison Between Economic And Accounting Profit

In business world, profits are measured by two methods. One is known as accounting profit and other is termed as economic profit. Accounting profit It is the excess of business income over the business expenses. This method is mainly used to measure the amount of profit value. A business earns money after selling the goods.… Read More »