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Need of Strategic Facilities Management in Businesses

There is a high need for a business to choose for facilities management to perform its function. As facilities management is specially designed to cater to various business needs, it application is unavoidable. Few important needs which are catered by facilities management for the business are as follows: 1) Facilities Management include all the things… Read More »

Facilities & Key Performance Management in Hospitals

Facilities management has quite a bigger role to play in the hospital industry. Most of the activities in the hospital are concerned with the facilities management. The different varieties of management activities that are handled by facilities management are: Maintenance Management Maintenance management does not mean only budgeting and priority setting of different maintenance activities.… Read More »

Importance of Facilities Management in Hospitals

A modern hospital needs active, specialized management not only for its medical services, but also for its facility. Improving procurement and management Improving procurement and management activities of hospitals, such as, supply of drugs and equipments, clinical unit budgets and management, changing staffing levels and mix, making more efficient use of facilities, reducing inappropriate use… Read More »

Facility Management’s Strategy for Success

Since the past decade facility management has seen great progress. With lots of areas still left to improve, the new quality systems in areas of facility management operations and maintenance are found to produce great rewards. For the facility management to be successful, there are few basic strategies which are to be adopted compulsorily. They… Read More »