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Difference Between DUI and DWI

DUI stands for driving under the influence and DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. DUI is driving under the influence of substances even though they are legal. DWI is driving a vehicle after consumption of alcohol and blood alcoholic concentration is 0.08% or more. Both DUI and DWI are illegal act of driving a vehicle… Read More »

Comparison of Drug Abuse and Drug Dependance

Drug abuse is a process which involves excessive intake of drugs. The person abusing drugs neglects his responsibilities at school, work, or home. Weight changes or unusual eating patterns, change in normal sleep patterns, frequent infections or infections which don’t heal, memory lapses, frequent minor illnesses like headaches, nausea etc. are the physical signs and… Read More »

Hair Drug Tests Vs Urine Drug Tests

There are many different methods that can be used to detect the use of drugs. Costs of the methods used to test the presence of drugs also vary, some methods are relatively cheap and some are very expensive. Hair and the urine drug tests are the two types of tests that are most commonly used… Read More »

Know About Legal vs Illegal Drugs

Legal drugs are the drugs that can be bought over the counter and it is also permitted by the Government to sell them over the counter. Medicines are one of the legal drugs and these drugs do not show any negative effects on the human body instead they are prescribed by the doctors to cure… Read More »