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Benefit Of PCB Electronic Ballasts Over Electric Ballast

A ballast is the big bulky box like structure on fluorescent lamps. The electric ballasts of the past have been replaced by PCB based electronic ballasts. The conglomeration of PCB technology and electronics has been helpful in achieving this.

What a ballast does
The ballasts are used to limit the electric currents in fluorescent lamps. The lamps are filled with mercury vapor. Due to negative resistance characteristics of the… Continue reading

PCB: Needs and Benefits

The early phase
In today’s technological scenario, PCBs play an important role when compared to early were not much commendable. They mainly and mostly consisted of end-end wiring or point-point contacts creating clumsy wiring practices. The turret board (the early form of electronic circuit) was little better than the point connections used.

Related problems
The earlier practices resulted in a complex network circuit. It was difficult to detect the… Continue reading

Know About the Difference between Native Apps and Web Apps

A native app is an application program that is developed to run on a specific platform or device. Contrast to this, a web app is designed to access over a network such as internet or intranet with the help of a browser. A native application responds more quickly than a web application because it is installed on a device and the interface is more direct.

Web apps require greater… Continue reading

Know About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Application Software

Application software consists of pre-written computer programs that allow the computer to perform the tasks given by the user. It is designed with a specific purpose for the use of businesses and individuals.

The advantages of application Software are:

  • The application software packages are written by software specialists and are of great quality.
  • They are immediately available and generally cheaper when compared with other bespoke packages.

Know about Web Monitoring Systems with Alert Systems

check website uptimeMany businesses or organizations that are doing their business online should have a good web presence and hence need a web monitoring software to monitor their websites and servers. However web monitoring services use web monitoring software to monitor the website. To provide this service, service providers will be there to monitor your website. They continuously provide reports of… Continue reading