Best Garden Plants for Summer Season

By | April 17, 2017

Creating the garden doesn’t mean that you have to spend many hours. It is just a free time activity which allows us to work according to our preferences. In gardening much capital need not to be invested. By spending a little time & effort one can create beautiful garden of their choice. Gardening has many health benefits as it purifies the air and helps us to breath in properly. When we have good air in our surroundings automatically our health will get better. Cultivating a garden is a good idea for those who love to be outside and be in touch with nature.miniature trees

When we cultivate plant considering season, location and nature of soil then plants can have proper growth with enhanced life span. With proper gardening, a piece of land can be transformed into colorful blooming landscapes with flowers and shrubs producing refreshing fragrance. Garden lovers who have less space outside their houses can have miniature garden inside their home at a desired place. It provides a real appearance of large scale garden. Since miniature gardens are designed with mini trees and shrubs, it requires less effort to maintain them. No matter how big or small the garden size is, summer is the best time for gardeners to grow their favorite trees.

  • Gloriosa daisy is one of the summer plants that can be grown in sunny location and requires average or well-drained soil for better growth. The scientific name of gloriosa daisy is rudbeckia hirta. This flowers are available in bright yellow, orange, gold and russet colors. Usually this plant grows up to 3 ・4 feet and widen up to 1.5 feet. It is one of the best flowers that bloom in the summer.miniature garden
  • Plumerias is a tropical plant that needs to be planted in a well-drained soil. The other name of plumerias is frangipani and Hawaiian lei flower. Plumerias are available in different varieties and flowers are in different colors like white, red, pink, purple, and yellow. Planting plumerias at backyard can add beauty to the garden. The height of plumerias plant could be 5 – 25 feet.
  • Aster blooms are very beautiful and attract bees, birds and butterflies. Asteraceae is the scientific name of aster plant. Varieties of aster plants are available that may grow from 8 inches – 8 feet. Aster plant needed to planted in sunny or average sunny area and soil should be moist or well drained. It requires watering until it blooms and it is available in different shades like pink, purple, blue, and white.Fairy houses
  • Zinnia flower is one of the most likable flower in summer season. It blooms well in a sunny season and could also bloom in rainy season. Scientific name of zinnia flower is zinnia elegans. The flowers are available in multicolored like orange, pink, red, white, yellow. At growing stage zinnias plant should be watered well but over watering should also be avoided. The plant height ranges from 15 cm to 1 meter.