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Differences Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Planning to hire a security guard for your business? Then, you need check which type of security guard suits your business. In general there are two types of security guards, one is armed and the other is unarmed. So, would you like to know the differences between the both? Then, read this article.

Armed security guards
An armed security guard is a trained guard from professional security agency or company equipped with the licensed firearms and prepared to use deadly forces when required and they have the authority to do so. If you want to hire an armed security guard, then you need to determine the following:

  • Check their qualification of the armed guards
  • Determine the contractors policy in using the weapons with respect to deadly forces
  • Consider the potentiality and the cost effectiveness of the guard
  • Determine what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring armed security guards

Armed security guards who carry gun are more effective to deter the crime and violence than the unarmed guards. They also use this in emergency situation if necessary. But, unknowingly if you hire a unqualified guard then handling the gun by that person may lead to trouble sometimes. But, in general all the armed guards will be highly trained and hiring the one who will handle the situation is good for your business. Armed guards costs more than unarmed guards because they are highly trained.

Unarmed security guards
Unarmed security guards also carry equipments and are trained, but they are not supposed to use full force in performing their duties. They don’t use any deadly forces and they are neither desired and are not required. They too will provide the same deterrent as the armed ones but, without any risk of deadly forces.

Hiring unarmed guards is less expensive when compared to armed guards and they may incur less liability and insurance. As unarmed guards are not fully prepared to defend, these people must identify the possible situations and they should avoid that immediately. These people some times should rely on outside sources as they are not armed. Before hiring the unarmed security guards check their eligibility, training, experience and their reviews.

These are the differences between armed and unarmed security guards. So, check which type of security guards are required and hire the one who can meet the requirements of your business.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Planning for email marketing? It is an inexpensive way for promoting your business to reach your customers. But, reaching through email marketing is difficult method if not planned properly. You should know what to do and what not before you start your email marketing. This helps you a lot to reach more customers and to attract them to your business. So, would you like to know the do’s and don’ts of email marketing? Then read this article.

Do’s of email marketing

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is, personalize all the emails of your customers and messages that you are sending. This is an effective work. Know start with formal message so that people feel good to read your message further. Personalization includes greeting, adding customers name in the subject line, including sign in your email, etc.
  • The message that you are sending to your customers should be short, simple and interactive. Short and interactive messages make you reach more to the customers because, they will have lots of messages to read and they simply ignore the messages that are long and not focused or interactive.
  • Message should also contain a link which redirects them to your website and the landing page of the particular link shouldn’t be broken and it should be direct. So, that they can know about your product or service in short period of time.
  • The subject line of your message should be simple and it should be straight forward so that people will be willing to go through the entire mail. It should also attract customers and for this you need to be creative in writing effective subject line.
  • Include call to action, and it should be relevant to the content. Email marketing is effective if you make your customers to respond to your mail. You should be creative when you are using call to action in your mails.

Don’ts of email marketing

  • Email is a good chance to attract your customers so don’t loose this chance by making grammatical or spelling mistakes in your mail. This will show that you don’t have credibility. So, take care of each and every point in your email before you send it to your customers.
  • Don’t use too many graphics because, this increase the loading time of the mail and customer feels irritated and just closes it. So, just use simple effects wherever necessary.
  • The link that you have included in the email should be working i.e., it should have a correct landing page to your website and it just should not be a page for just making payment or showing offers.
  • The main mistake most of the marketers do is, sending the emails to long list of customers at a time, this shows that the message is unsolicited and makes the customers understand that you are sending this message as a part of your advertisement campaign and they will not be willing to spend time on that.

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