Types of Patio Styles for Your Home

By | August 21, 2014

Are you planning for a patio? Are you confused which one to choose? Here are few patio styles that you can choose for your house. Some of the patio styles are listed below.

Miniature plantsBackyard patio
Most people who prefer backyard patios construct them on the east or north side. The east location gives sun in the morning and shade in the after afternoon and when coming to the north it gives little sunlight all the day. So, depending on the requirements of the people the patios are constructed. The backyard patio may be roofed or roofless. Most of them prefer roofless backyard patios which gives them more privacy.

Front yard patio
Front yard patios act as a welcoming door and sitting place for the visitors of your house. They are near your front doors of your house. But, the front yard patios doesn’t give much privacy to the people. These patios are mostly not preferred as they create disturbance to the outdoor environment. If you want to construct a front yard patio then it will have many limitations.

Bistro patio
If you are interested in gardening, then bistro patio will be sufficient enough for you. This will be perfect patio accommodating table and chairs. This is also a kind of backyard patio and will be suitable for the snack times, breakfast, etc. A bistro patio needs only few amount of space for construction i.e., atleast 6 feet.

Courtyard patio
Courtyard patios are located in the middle of the house surrounded by walls on three sides and one side opening which acts as an entrance to the courtyard and this patio best suits in summer.

Sundeck patio
This patios are also called as sunrooms were most people relax, play games, have entertainment, etc. Sundeck patio is constructed with glass walls through which people get fresh air and sunlight all the day and it helps them stay healthy and conserves energy by providing natural light. These are usually located near the pool and are located on the front side of the home.

Living room patio
This is also a kind of backyard patio. It is a space for people to relax with family members or friends. This acts as a living room. It features a fireplace with shade structure. It should be constructed with atleast 16X18 feet dimensions.