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Vitamins Essential for Teenage Boys

Vitamins intake in diet during teenage plays a significant role in the growth and development and helps them become a adult. In addition, teenage is the formative period for the personality of an individual. As a parent, you need ensure that they have enough nutrients, vitamins inside the body to make them fully grow to their potential. They must get enough energy to perform activities.

Vitamin A is crucial to promote healthy immune system, maintain healthy skin, eyes and development of cells. Teen boys require 900 mcg of vitamin A per day.

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen that helps to hold cells together. Enables the body to absorb calcium and iron, assists in healing wounds. Teen boys require 75 mg vitamin C per day.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and aids in bone formation. 15 mcg of vitamin D is required daily.

Vitamin E protects cells from damage and maintains health of red blood cells. 15 mg of this vitamin is needed everyday by teen boys. Vitamin B6 is important for brain and nerve functioning. Also assists in break down of proteins and make red blood cells (RBC). Around 1.3 mg of B6 is needed.

Vitamin B1 converts carbohydrates in the body into energy and is essential for proper functioning of heart, muscles and nervous system. 1.2 mg is needed by teen guys everyday.

Other B vitamins are also needed for maintaining healthy skin, proper functioning of nerves and improve eyesight. 16 mg of B3, 1.3 mg of B2, 400 mcg of B9 are required daily.

Teens’ parents should make sure that foods their kids consume provide energy rather than fattening. As they grow older, the growth and development slows down and begin to store fat which leads to overweight and makes them obese.
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Natural Micronutrients Versus Supplements

Confused to choose natural sources or supplements? Worried about any side effects you face due to supplements?

In this article, we will give a comparative study of natural nutrients and supplements to give you a clear picture about what to choose and why.

Natural vitamins versus supplements
Natural vitamins – We can get these vitamins, through food. They are of natural origin, but the point is to what extent we get all the vitamins. Are we able to include foods that give all the vitamins that are required daily in normal amounts? Answer is No. Inspite of following a regular balance diet, we still do not get enough vitamins through food.

The reasons might be because of foods we get today is all made of chemicals, unseasonal fruits, lack of proper knowledge of nutrients in the food we take and poor financial condition.

Thus, it is clear that we do not get daily requirements of vitamins only through diet.

Multivitamin supplements – You can use these supplements. They can compensate for the deficiency of these natural vitamins, but they are not substitutes for natural vitamins.

  • Multivitamins in the form of capsules to be taken along with food to get enough vitamins if you have very low vitamins. These supplements cannot substitute natural vitamins.
  • One advantage of these supplements is that we can get all the vitamins at in one capsule and the cost is also affordable to most of us.
  • But it is suggested to take supplements only after consulting a doctor. Special attention is take in case of children and pregnant women.
  • Multivitamin supplements have different combination of vitamins. So you have to choose based on your requirement. For example, a pregnant women has to choose supplement that has more folic acid and no vitamin A.

Natural minerals versus supplements
Minerals are also diet-origin. We get them through food we take. Amounts of minerals required by our body vary from person to person. Some may have high requirement and some may have less requirement.

Most minerals work in combination with other nutrients. Deficiency of these minerals is rare but the effects are severe if their levels are lowered.

Therefore, it is important to maintain normal levels of these minerals. Only dietary sources cannot give all the minerals for body.

We have mineral supplements available in the market like vitamin supplements. Supplements should be used only after consulting a doctor, as doctor can guide by saying which minerals you are devoid off and which mineral supplements should you take.

Make sure to follow the prescription by professsionals. Overdoses may have side effects.

Supplements along with diet is good option to have a balanced vitamin-mineral compostion in your diet. Read more

Social Illness Vs Social Wellness

If you want to stay well, wellness should be internal as well as external. Environment around you also influence your health conditions. In this article, we will discuss about the behavior of people with social illness and social wellness.

Social illness
Social illness means poor involvement or poor communication with the environment around you. It is seen in people with social phobia (fear to expose in the society). Right from childhood, some children do not show interest in activities like playing with others, this habit develops gradually and continues for long. They hesitate to speak in front of others, they like to do work alone instead of sharing with others.

Behavior of people suffering from social illness:

  • They don’t mingle easily with others: As we mentioned earlier, it is a social phobia. It can be treated by consulting a psychiatrist.
  • Do not show active participation in social and other activities: They don’t like implementing some habits apart from routine habits like going to office, sitting alone and enjoying alone. They show disinterest in giving their involvement in society based activities.
  • Lead a routine life without any enjoyment: No change in daily schedule, working in the same way. This will develop a type of rejection for learning new things or adapting new changes.
  • Develop loneliness and live in their own world: They spent time alone in calm and peace environment. It is good only to some extent only for privacy things, not all the time.
  • Fail to maintain good relationship with people around them: Until you maintain good interaction with others, you will not know about importance of good relations in one’s life.
  • Loose mental stability: They cannot share with others, don’t know how to overcome any adverse situations and loose mental balance.
  • Always try to involve in conflicts if someone opposes their decision: They develop a stubborn nature as they don’t have much communication with external things and lack awareness, but still they support their argument.
  • Dissatisfaction: Only if you stay happy, you make others feel happy. So these people always have a feeling of dissatisfaction on things done by them.

Behavior of people with social wellness:

  • Active participation in social activities: They try to have changes from time to time in their schedule to enjoy life. They involve in social activities and feel responsible to the society.
  • Develop friendship with strangers: They always like to mingle with people rather than staying alone. Try to get new friends as many as they can. They don’t try to hesitate to speak to a person who is totally new to them.
  • Respect others opinion: They have flexible mind set and show some patience in listening to others opinion and respect others opinion.
  • Maintain good relations: They try to maintain and build relations instead of breaking them.
  • Have more awareness about issues happening around them: Social wellness not only improves physical and mental health, but also develops awareness among people about current affairs as they maintain good communication.
  • Maintain mental balance: People with social wellness can mange stress well, which is the main reason for mental instability.

Social wellness promotes overall wellness of a person. So try to maintain social wellness, consult a psychiatrist if you feel like you have signs of social illness and extend your lifespan. Read more

Types of Fuels Used in Automobiles

There are different types of fuels used in automobiles and the most commonly used fuels are diesel and gasoline. They are also known as traditional fuels. There are some other alternatives to these fuels, like ethanol, propane, bio-diesel, etc. In this article we discuss the most commonly used fuels in automobiles.

Gasoline: Gasoline is also known as petrol. It is the commonly used fuel by car owners. This type of fuel allows fast acceleration, quick starting, easy combination and quiet operation. It is considered as a temporary source of fuel because of its environmental effects, limited resources and cost. The gasoline contains hydrocarbons and produce carbon dioxide when burned. It contributes to environmental pollution, global warming and smog. Petrol cars that were manufactured after 1986 had to use unleaded fuel.

Propane: Propane is also called as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), GPL, LP Gas, liquid petroleum gas or butane. It is an alternative to petrol or gasoline. Liquid petroleum is used on a limited basis in common vehicles. Some hybrid cars are designed to use propane in United Kingdom. It will produce a few toxins when burned. It cannot contribute smog like petrol and diesel. Liquefied petroleum gas is less expensive than gasoline or petrol.

Diesel: Diesel vehicles have 30% better fuel efficiency than petrol vehicles. Diesel is a widely used fuel in transport vehicles like trucks, buses, trains and boats. It will contribute less carbon dioxide to the environment and cause smog by creating nitrous oxide and organic compound.

Bio-diesel: Bio-diesel comes from natural and renewable sources such as vegetable oils, sugar beet sunflower, etc. Bio-diesel is an environmental friendly fuel. It is not compatible for all the cars. The usage of Bio-diesel is increasing slowly.

Ethanol: Ethanol is made from sugar cane, barley, corn and other natural products. It is an alternative to petrol.

Compressed natural gas (CNG): Compressed natural gas is a fossil fuel. It can substitute ethanol, gasoline and diesel. These engines can be converted to work on compressed natural gas. It is a odorless, clear and non-corrosive gas. The vehicles which are fitting with compressed natural gas produce 80% less ozone-forming emissions than petrol burning cars.

Some vehicles can work with electricity, soar, etc. Because of the cost and non renewable of traditional fossil fuels, these are developed. The another advancement in automobile is hybrid engines. Hybrid engines can work with two are more different types of fuels. Natural renewable fuels like solar and electricity can give a limited assistance. In these cases hybrid engines are very helpful.
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Microsoft Office Vs Apache OpenOffice

It is important for any organization to have software to increase productivity and accuracy. Office suite is one such software that helps organizations like schools, hospitals, small businesses, public organizations and individuals in their work. Office suite provides its users with word processors, calculation spreadsheets, presentation tools and database managing tools.

In the present market there are many office suites available from different developers and among them Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite. But, due to its high cost, many free office suites are developed and shared for free on the Internet. Among such free office suites, Apache OpenOffice is a well-known office suite .

Let us compare some basic differences between Microsoft Office and Apache OpenOffice in this article.


  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office suite is a paid tool. The cost of Microsoft Office 2013, ranges from $50 to $450 (Rs 4,000 to Rs 35,000 in India) and moreover they work only on one computer. If you increase the number of computers, the cost multiplies. Updates are sometimes free, but for some updates you need to pay.
  • OpenOffice: This is an open source suite available for free and can be used on any number of computers and can be shared with any number of people. Updates are available for free on many forums, groups and related websites.


  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office suite is not easy to understand and work with. A person who does not have knowledge about it may need special training or support to work on Microsoft Office. Even the “super users” need to upgrade themselves with every update as the techniques they know may change with every update.
  • OpenOffice: OpenOffice is almost similar to Microsoft Office. The whole software is freely available for you to make changes or improve its functionality to meet your requirements.


  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office is only compatible with Windows and Mac platforms (newest version, MS Office 2013 is just restricted to Windows 7 or later only). Also, it is not possible to open Microsoft Office 2003 documents (.doc format) in Microsoft Office suite after 2007 version (which supports .docx format). Upgrading the software is compulsory to make the software compatible.
  • OpenOffice: OpenOffice works on all platforms and it is capable of opening, reading and writing to any format and also the Microsoft Office documents.


  • Microsoft Office: It is professionally supported and is officially provided by Microsoft to its licensed partners through call centers, books, documents and resources from the Internet.
  • OpenOffice: OpenOffice support is a community based support (not official) generally sharing information on forums and groups. Abundant resources like documentation and information are available on the Internet for free.


  • Microsoft Office: It alerts the licensed user of any threats. It recommends its user to upgrade with latest updates and patches in order to protect the computer from possible threats and for securing critical information.
  • OpenOffice: Warnings are received from the forum or group members. Whoever detects them first will pass the information to their co-users (not official though).

Interfaces of both Microsoft Office and Apache OpenOffice are almost similar. Both work well with system specifications. (OpenOffice works well on older systems).

Some key features make Apache OpenOffice best suited to small, medium and non-profit organizations, and also for private use, as the software is free of cost and easy to learn.