Six Prominent Advantages Using a Digital Clamp Meter

By | June 3, 2013

Digital clamp meterDigital clamp meter is an important device for various electrical works such as to verify electric readings of domestic appliances. So, this enables a more thorough diagnosis of a particular problem. It allows repairs to be undertaken wherever the problem is and gives the efficient and accurate electrical readings without any breaking wires. So, it is an efficient way of testing loads in a circuit without breaking any circuit.

Below are the six advantages of using a digital clamp meter:

1. Convenience: Digital clamp meter is very portable and available in a small convenient size. It is lightweight and easily held in the hand. The digital version of the clamp meter does not require any cutting of wires while measuring the electrical current but where as many clamp meters requires cut through wires to measure the electric current. This meter gives the readings faster with far less effort when compared to other clamp meters. And even this digital version don’t require any electricity and utilizes batteries to take readings. So, this makes more reliable due to the constant power source.

2. Efficient: The digital clamp meter gives you live electrical readings with high accuracy. So, it can be said as a more efficient way to read or access the current readings.

3. Liquid crystal display: Instead of analog types, this clamp meter uses display digital system. So, it gives precise readings in figures. It is a quicker and more efficient way of getting information on electrical current. LCD also relieves you from having to strain when taking readings. If any wrong is there it alerts on the display.

4. Multipurpose: You can use this clamp meter for several tasks due to its various enhanced features. This is having a dialing facility which is useful for selecting to take any measure such as frequency, continuity, capacitance, resistance, resistance and voltage.

5. Higher-safety:There is no requirement of taking readings by cutting through wires. So, it is a much safer way of taking readings.

6. Low Maintenance: This meter is a light device with few moving parts and doesn’t run on a motor. The gadgets which use motors are subject to frequent breakdowns but this digital meter does not use any motors and utilizes batteries which provides more stability. Low maintenance devices add to its durability.