What are the Types of Communication Skills?

By | January 29, 2013

The most widely known types of communication skills are as follows:

Intra-personal communication skills: Communication encompasses communicating with the divine and with the spirits in the form of prayers, rites and rituals. One example of this is transcendental meditation.

Interpersonal communication skills: This is a direct communication or face to face communication which takes place among two persons or among group of persons. Interaction takes place through words and gestures in this type of communication.

Interpersonal communication may be:

Verbal communication
: Verbal communication refers to the sounds and language to convey a message. Verbal communication skills are very important particularly to those employees who deal with public. Clear communication requires a simple language which transforms or conveys the point across simply.

Non-verbal communication: This involves facial expressions, gestures, signs, body language, eye contact, symbols etc.

Mass communication:
Communication is generally identified with tools of modern mass media including social media which includes books, press, films, video, radio etc. It is a means of conveying message to a wider range of population.

Above all, communicating is a daily and a continuing process which goes on all the time. It is very important in every human life.