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What are the Types of Communication Skills?

The most widely known types of communication skills are as follows:

Intra-personal communication skills: Communication encompasses communicating with the divine and with the spirits in the form of prayers, rites and rituals. One example of this is transcendental meditation.

Interpersonal communication skills: This is a direct communication or face to face communication which takes place among two persons or among group of persons. Interaction takes place through words and gestures in this type of communication.

Interpersonal communication may be:

Verbal communication
: Verbal communication refers to the sounds and language to convey a message. Verbal communication skills are very important particularly to those employees who deal with public. Clear communication requires a simple language which transforms or conveys the point across simply.

Non-verbal communication: This involves facial expressions, gestures, signs, body language, eye contact, symbols etc.

Mass communication:
Communication is generally identified with tools of modern mass media including social media which includes books, press, films, video, radio etc. It is a means of conveying message to a wider range of population.

Above all, communicating is a daily and a continuing process which goes on all the time. It is very important in every human life.

What are Vocabulary Games?

Vocabulary games are an excellent method of boosting your vocabulary. Some people love words, some people have passion for to play fun. Some vocabulary games are as follows:

Boggle: It is game involving a set if dice letter painted on each face. You need to mix up the dice in their grid and the letters appear. With those letters, make as many words as you can in certain timing. The person who makes maximum words will be the winner. Constantly strive for new words from the appeared letters. Thus this game enables you to improve vocabulary through fun.

Taboo: Taboo is a game played involving a board. The game requires a slip of paper and some amount of creativity. The task of the game is you need to give the team members to the word you think about. The other team will give you a word you need to get your team members say the word with the clues, and by acting but not by saying the words which are too related to the given word.

Random word game: This game has to be played by members sitting around a circular table. One player starts with a word and the person next has to say another word with the last letter of the word given by the team member. And the process should go on continuing telling different words not the repeated words.

These vocabulary games help learn new words with fun and interest and thus improve your vocabulary.

Flash Based Websites – Pros and Cons

Nowadays flash based websites are getting more popular and may become more in demand in the next few years. However, it is debatable whether flash based sites are that suitable for website design. It is important to know the pros and cons of such websites:


  • Using Flash leads to more interaction between the website and the users.
  • Animation concept can be used to better express or convey the message. It makes the web page lively.
  • No need to worry about the type of browser you use. Just flash player is enough to see those websites.


  • To view content or videos that need Flash, it is mandatory for users to download Flash player. Here a disadvantage is, not everyone wants to download flash player to view your site. So the number of visitors may reduce to visit your site.
  • If you present your content in Flash, search engines may not be able to index your content. So your site may not get rank well. Lower ranking means less traffic to your site.
  • Flash content takes more time to load than regular content. People don’t wait for the web page which takes more time to load. They lose patience and move to another website.

Therefore, go for flash when you need it absolutely in the website, otherwise ignore it.

Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology enhances IT infrastructure of companies. Cloud computing are adopted by many organizations because cloud providing sophisticated applications which makes more affordable. However, there are certain issues and risks associated with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is fraught with security risks, but has “unique attributes that require risk appraisal in areas such as data integrity, recovery, and privacy, and an assessment of legal issues in areas such as e-discovery, regulatory compliance, and auditing”.

Following are some of the security risks associated with cloud computing:

  • Security because less privacy protection in the Cloud because everything is based on the Internet and there may be a chance of many hack attacks. Many can see your secret information without interaction with you. You had better you send your data on a secure channel for running business applications secure and also ask the service provider about this matter.
  • Compatibility is the another issue with the cloud because company would have to replace much of its existing IT infrastructure to make the system compatible on the cloud. By deploying hybrid cloud model in organization can get of the compatible issues.
  • Majority of a business’s information is stored “off the cloud” that is, it is stored in multiple servers which are all spread across the country. And if any of these servers encounters issues, it ceases the flow of entire information that affects the business operations severely and if this problem occurs in a server that is present in a different country, the issue aggravates further. Companies need to discuss this issue with their providers before beginning of work on cloud computing and also company should clarify whether this service provided by them is guaranteed even during periods of bandwidth interruption and similar other issues.
  • Still there is a lack of standardization in cloud computing technology and is not yet set by the providers.
  • There would be some monitoring issues on the cloud because company gives responsibility of maintaining data to a service provider.
  • The interfaces uses to interact with the cloud service should be reliable, else, there may be a chance of unknown threats to your data.
  • Weaker security systems can be easily broken by anyone, hence be careful in terms of passwords.

The above are some of the issues associated with cloud whenever you transferred your personal data to be hosted through web applications.