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What are the Types of Communication Skills?

The most widely known types of communication skills are as follows: Intra-personal communication skills: Communication encompasses communicating with the divine and with the spirits in the form of prayers, rites and rituals. One example of this is transcendental meditation. Interpersonal communication skills: This is a direct communication or face to face communication which takes place… Read More »

What are Vocabulary Games?

Vocabulary games are an excellent method of boosting your vocabulary. Some people love words, some people have passion for to play fun. Some vocabulary games are as follows: Boggle: It is game involving a set if dice letter painted on each face. You need to mix up the dice in their grid and the letters… Read More »

Flash Based Websites – Pros and Cons

Nowadays flash based websites are getting more popular and may become more in demand in the next few years. However, it is debatable whether flash based sites are that suitable for website design. It is important to know the pros and cons of such websites: Pros: Using Flash leads to more interaction between the website… Read More »

Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology enhances IT infrastructure of companies. Cloud computing are adopted by many organizations because cloud providing sophisticated applications which makes more affordable. However, there are certain issues and risks associated with cloud computing. Cloud computing is fraught with security risks, but has “unique attributes that require risk appraisal in areas such as data… Read More »