How are Gas Heaters Different from Electric Heaters?

By | January 28, 2012

Based on the type of energy source, heaters are divided in to gas heaters and electric heaters. As their name suggests, they work either with gas or electricity. Gas heaters sue natural gases as their power source. Let us now know few details about these two types of heaters.

Gas Heaters: Gas Heaters are mostly used in residence among different countries during winter seasons. Gas heaters are cost effective and they do not use firewood for heating. The gas heaters function cleanly and smoothly. The fuel used in gas heaters are liquified petroleum gas or natural gas. Gas heaters can be dangerous because they easily catch fire. Gas heaters are of two types:

Vented Gas heaters: This device can be mounted on a wall or can also be placed in an existent chimney. On combustion of fuel, the smoke generated escapes safely from a pipe that is present in that device.

Ventless Gas Heaters: It is easy to install but requires to follow lot of precautions. Ventless gas heaters work based on the theory of combustion. It may be dangerous, as they spread out powerful gases, thus it is recommended to install them at a well ventilated spacious room.

Electric Heaters: In these kind of heaters, heat is generated from electric heaters by converting the electrical energy into heat energy. Electric heaters are most commonly used for heating water, cooking, etc. Electric Heaters are of many types – electric garage heater, electric base board heaters, electric Wall heaters, etc.

Based on the easy availability of the above mentioned energy sources (gas or electricity) at your residence, one can select either gas heaters or electric heaters.