Comparison of Space Heating and Central Heating

By | December 26, 2011

When planning to find home-heating option, it is necessary to know about both central as well as space heating. Here is a comparison of these two modes of heating.

Space heating ensures providing heat for a limited space whereas central heating provides heat throughout your house. Various types of space heaters are available today among which electric and oil-filled ones are used commonly. Central heating mostly uses electricity or gas as power source. Space heating can be preferred if you just need to heat only desired areas of your home. Centralized heating may also heat any unwanted areas of your home like store room and attic which may incur energy or heat loss. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary energy loss due to centralized heating, you can use space heating. Also, space heaters are available in various designs and models which can fit well adding as a décor to your room.

Centralized heating is more expensive when compared to space heating. Fuel requirements, installation as well as maintenance of central heating involve higher prices, even if it uses gas or electricity. Even if you use electric space heaters, they are utilized for less time and even for a limited area. Hence, the energy costs are also less. Provision of proper ventilation systems is necessary if you use either space or central heating. It is also difficult to provide adequate ventilation with central heating while vents for space heating can be arranged easily. Therefore, many people prefer space heating to avoid the huge heating costs associated with central heating. Keep this comparison of space heating and central heating in mind, consider your preferences and choose the right option.