Comparison of Online and Traditional Tutoring

By | December 7, 2011

Today most of the parents are opting for online tutoring where kids can get effective study aid apart from the school or college. It is very much beneficial when compared to traditional tutoring. Go on to know how online and traditional tutoring differs from each other.

  • Online tutoring is more convenient when compared to traditional tutoring. In traditional tutoring, you should be physically present in front of the teacher. Here, you depend on the teacher to set timings for your study and hence, time constraints and scheduling conflicts arise. Whereas, no such issues can be seen with respect to online tutoring. The timetables, schedules, and even the subjects to be chosen can be on your own preferences.
  • Also, a student gets individual attention with online tutoring. In a traditional tutoring institution you get enrolled along with hundreds of students and there is no way to enable attention to each and every student individually. Whereas, by online tutoring, one-to-one attention is possible. An online tutor focuses on helping the student individually and determines his strengths and weaknesses. The student also has chance to interact with the tutor and get his doubts cleared as early as possible, which is not at all possible in traditional tutoring.
  • When you go for traditional tutoring, the teacher explains one concept to all the students at a time. However, not all kids can understand or learn the subject at same speed. So, some of them can face troubles. Whereas, through online tutoring, the tutor makes sure that the student understands the topic well even if it takes time.
  • Now, coming to cost, traditional tutoring is more expensive than online tutoring. Private traditional tutoring institutes charge very high amounts which are not affordable. But, online tutoring is cheaper. However, remember that some non-standard online tutors offer services at very less cost which do not assure qualified teaching.

So, considering the comparison of these issues with respect to traditional and online tutoring, make a right choice when planning to find a tutor for your child.