Challenges and Benefits of Using HVAC Systems

By | October 19, 2011

HVAC systems need to have an energy efficient heating and cooling systems. As much as 45% of average home’s utilities bills are devoted to heating and cooling. For that the efficient heating and cooling system is important. Every system has its own benefits and challenges.

The benefits of the HVAC systems are

  • The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is high.
  • An efficient HVAC system can control the energy usage, it nearly saves 40% of energy.
  • Features like the programmable thermostat make it even easier to lower your utility bills.

HVAC system also has some challenges

  • The high cost of the renovation after occupancy. Since the system is constructed with steel, the replacement of the system is not easy, thus renovation takes time.
  • The data cabling complexity and amount has an impact on the height of the raised floor.

The above are the few advantages and disadvantages of the HVAC systems.