Importance of Facilities Management in Hospitals

By | April 8, 2011

A modern hospital needs active, specialized management not only for its medical services, but also for its facility.

Improving procurement and management
Improving procurement and management activities of hospitals, such as, supply of drugs and equipments, clinical unit budgets and management, changing staffing levels and mix, making more efficient use of facilities, reducing inappropriate use of drugs, health services and diagnostic tests, performance measurement and many other related activities.

Hospital Cleaning and Facilities Services

Building Services
A/C and ventilation are most important to maintain in hospitals. Apart from these two, some of other services are also important. They are:

High and Low Voltage Electrical Supplies, Generator Back-up Power, UPS, Lighting, Water Treatment Monitoring, Cooling Towers, Drainage/Plumbing, Chlorination of Water Systems, Load Shedding, Lifts, Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Access Systems, Automatic Entry Barriers, Building Management Systems, Portable Appliance Testing, Thermal Imaging, Heating and Humidity.

Clinical Waste Management
Services in this area include, Clinical Waste, Clinical Waste Bins, Clinical Waste Bags, Clinical Washroom Products, Theater Bins, Dental Waste, Amalgam Separation and Dental Waste Containers.

IT Hygiene
This includes services like, IT hygiene and cleaning services including the cleaning of telephones, computers, server rooms, fax machines, photocopiers, ATMs and chip and pin machines.

Pest Control
Services included are Rat Control , Mouse Control , Fly Control , Bed Bug Control, Bird Control, Wasp & Hornet Control, Cockroach Control, etc.

Washroom Services
The services included are, Air Freshener & Air Purification, Urinal Hygiene, Toilet Hygiene, Washroom Vending, Feminine Hygiene, Hand Washing & Drying, Premium Product Range and Washroom Supplies.

Maintenance of hospitals is a very strenuous task, which may prove very stressful and costly for the hospital management. In these cases opting for facility management is wise, as they cover all the functions of a hospital.