Want to Know about a Temporary Dental Crown?

By | March 21, 2011

In order to strength the weak teeth, and restore the damaged teeth of many people, dental crowns are being used. The procedure of applying dental crown requires two stages. In the first stage, proper cleaning of the tooth is done. A mold of the tooth is taken in order to fabricate the dental crown. Then, the dentist places a temporary crown made of acrylic or metal over the tooth till the permanent one is bonded to it.

A temporary dental crown covers and protects the damaged tooth. A worn and damaged tooth can be made functional by it. It provides all the functions that a permanent dental crown offers. A temporary dental crown can restore your smile.

The dentist grinds the surface of the tooth before installing a dental crown. So the tooth may become sensitive to heat and cold. This may make you feel uncomfortable. This discomfort is reduced by a temporary dental crown. It also prevents any problems of teeth shifting.

The main difference between the temporary and permanent dental crown is that the temporary one can be prepared by the dentist on his own. However, a permanent one is made in the laboratory. The durability of temporary crown is lesser than that of a permanent dental crown.

However, you should follow certain care and precautions for maintaining the temporary dental crown. You need to avoid eating sticky and chewy foods such as gum and caramel. Hard foods such as raw fruits and vegetables should also be avoided. You should brush and floss the teeth regularly with extra caution. Thus, temporary dental crowns are beneficial for people who await permanent crowns.