Different Materials Used to Build Garden Sheds

By | March 28, 2011

Various types of garden buildings are constructed for various purposes. Garden sheds are one among them. They are built for storage of different materials in garden such as furniture, garden equipment, children’s toys and so on. A garden shed provides a feeling of security along with addition of beauty. Different types of materials are used to construct garden sheds. They include wood, plastic, and metal.

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Wood is the most common and popular material used for building a garden shed. This is because it provides a natural look in your garden. Softwood is preferred for wooden garden sheds as it is much cheaper. However, preservatives are required for its treatment. The most useful benefit of a wooden garden shed is that it can be painted in any shade that best suits the garden features. Most traditional gardens make use of wooden sheds.

Plastic garden sheds are ideal for small storage items. They act like garden cupboards in stead of sheds. They are easy to install and also require less maintenance. However, the UV rays of sunlight breaks down the plastic and fades its color. However, erecting plastic sheds at shady and regions hidden from sunlight can be helpful.

Metal is the other material that is used for garden sheds. They can be built in any shape or style. Steel and aluminum are used most commonly as they are corrosion resistant and more durable. Metal sheds also require less maintenance like the plastic ones. However, they are also not up to the mark when it comes to appearance.

Hence, when you choose to build a garden shed in your home, better opt for a wooden one as it is much better than the other two.