Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Wedding Venue

By | March 6, 2011

Choosing a right wedding venue is important. Whether you choose wedding venues or wedding reception venues, you need to get full information about them. You can figure out which is the right and suitable wedding venue for you, when you have the detailed information about venue. In order to find out information, you need to ask some questions to venue managers, such as:

General questions:

  • Whether they have an on site wedding coordinator?
  • How many weddings are there in such wedding venue?
  • What type of decoration they provide?
  • How many rooms they provide for bridal party guests?
  • Whether they provide in house caterer?
  • Do they provide all facilities which you require?
    How the cancellation policy will be?
  • Are there over time charges?
  • Do they provide videographer, musician, photographer?

Food related questions:

  • Whether they provide catering?
  • Are there extra charges to catering service?
  • At what time evening meal will be served?

Finance questions:

  • What is the deposit amount to pay for venue?
  • Whether do they provide written contract?
  • In Which way payment can be accepted like credit card, cash or bank draft and others?

Management questions:

  • Do they provide the manager on wedding day?
  • Do staff set up the tables?
  • These are the questions you need to ask the manager of the venue, before you book such venue.