Find Various Types of Gender Discrimination at Workplaces

By | February 28, 2011

One of the serious ones among employment discrimination is gender discrimination. These days women are also efficiently working with equal performance as men all over the world. Even then there is a rise in gender discrimination at workplaces which is a very serious concern.

Equal opportunities are given to both men and women at workplaces according to employment laws. Federal laws are implemented in different countries in order to maintain them. The federal laws of the United States such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII prohibits discrimination of employees against race, sex, religion, and nationality.

Gender discrimination at workplace reflects the performance of the employee. The quality of work may be decreased due to increased stress conditions as a result of gender discrimination or sexual harassment. There are different ways of gender discrimination commonly seen at workplaces.

  • Direct discrimination is the one where certain employees are treated differently at workplace based on their gender. Differences in salary, promotion and other aspects are seen in direct discrimination.
  • Indirect discrimination is the one where the employees are indirectly discriminated by creating certain laws or rules which are not pertained to the particular gendered employees.
  • Sexual or verbal harassment of employees is the other type which comes under gender discrimination. It may cause emotional and psychological stress for the employee.

Gender discrimination in any of these ways must be avoided at workplaces. Higher management levels should take proper disciplinary actions against the responsible people for the discrimination. The suffered employee may also file a case against the employer or the individual for certain federal agencies of the state.