Know About The Uses Of Electric Heaters In Green Houses

By | February 25, 2011

A green house is place where the plants are grown. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. Green house heaters are used to provide the heat for the plants helping in the normal growth of the plants. A heater propagator can be used to create the right temperature and humidity needed to germinate seeds or help speed up the rooting process of small plants. Heating mats can be used when growing seeds or cuttings in a seedbed or propagator, on shelves or on the bench, in greenhouses and conservatories and even in the living room.

There are five types of heating systems available which can be used in a green house, they are:

Natural Gas – These are thermostatically controlled heaters and they circulate warm air over the greenhouse. They are designed in single or in groups to meet the requirements of individual green houses.

Space heaters – These provide the heat at low costs and they are more suitable for small houses.

Electric heaters – Electric resistance type heaters are used as space heaters or in a forced air system.

Ceramic Electric heaters – It has the features like auto safety shut-off, overheat protection, and caution light for extra safety and an enclosed fan that circulates heat evenly.

Steam heater – The steam heater uses the coal or natural gas which is of low cost and has a steam system linked with automatic ventilation to give adequate temperature control. The steam can be used to sterilize growing beds and potting soils.

The above details are regarding the uses of electric heaters in green houses.