Digital Radiography is Better to Use for Diagnosis in Dentistry

By | February 11, 2011

Digital radiography can be considered as the best diagnostic tool in dentistry. It can help in managing oral health of patients. There had been an increase in using computers and digital record management in dental industry since the past ten years. The digital technology helped in providing many benefits.

Digital radiography produces diagnostic images which are recorded for management. The digital radiographs are viewed on a computer screen and can be managed to enhance contrast. They can be transmitted electronically without any loss of quality. As the images are stored in a computer, the past images and those from recent appointments can be compared easily. It also helps in effective checking of the improvement status of the patient. So the technology helps in improving diagnostic ability.

It is necessary to get appropriate images for diagnosis in any part of medical field. Digital radiography helps in getting accurate and enhanced images. It can be used for diagnosis of certain dental issues such as dental carries and periodontal diseases. The visual factors of image can be changed for proper imaging. The overall darkness of the image which can be termed as density can be controlled by radiation exposure time. If an image is produced light, then it is possible to make it dark by the tools of technology.

Immediate viewing of images, image enhancement, retake of images, and data storage are some of the factors of digital radiography. It is due to these factors that there is an increase in use of digital radiography as a diagnostic tool in dentistry. Digital radiography is related to certain clinical conditions such as endodontics, periodontics, implant placement, orthodontics, complete or partial edentulism, and extractions.