Significance of Electric Fireplace Over Traditional Fireplace

By | January 27, 2011

An electric fireplace is nothing but an electric heater which mimics a fireplace burning of wood, coal, or natural gas. There is a rise in use of electric fireplace instead of a traditional fireplace. An electric fireplace does not require any ventilation system. Electric fireplaces consume about 1.4-1.6KW of power which can heat about 400 sq ft of a room. The main aim of an electric fireplace heater is to set the temperature in the room to a few degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Chimneys are not required for electric fireplaces. They can be installed on the wall and hence no remodeling is required by them. They are also portable and can be used for condos, boats, apartments, and mobile homes. The cost of electric fireplaces is in the range of $160 to $2,000. So people can purchase an electric fireplace based on the amount that they can afford. Due to these advantages, electric fireplaces are preferred to traditional fireplaces.

Durability of electric fireplaces is also higher than traditional ones. So it is better to use electric fireplaces. They are compact and can enhance interior decoration. A wide range of models of electric fireplaces are available in market. It is on the part of customer to select a specific model of fireplace that suits the room.

No combustion of gas and flames are associated with electric fireplaces. As smoke is not released, vent is not required. A flame effect can be given to these fireplaces which provides a beautiful look. Electric fireplaces can thus be considered as additions to provide warmth and act as simulation for traditional fireplaces without any mess of fuels and smoke.