Instructions to Make a Claim on Public Liability Insurance

By | January 17, 2011

It is important for any business to be aware of the risks which are associated with their activities. It is the responsibility of the business owners to mitigate the risks as early as possible. There are some instructions to claim public liability insurance, such as:

First, you must take all reasonable and necessary actions and every precaution to avoid the injury or loss which occur in future before you take any type of insurance.

Second is you have to notify the police, if there is any loss, theft or damage or any other thing. You may be asked for a crime report number for any of the above perils occurs, when you make a claim. Generally it is one of the steps that many people forget.

When you want to inform about peril, then you should have the information about what happened exactly, documents and record of the nature of the incident, like statements and witnesses. Employees from insurance company assess whether your claim is sound or not. They send you a claim form along with guidance of what you need to fill in such form, if they accept, that means your claim is valid.

You must fill the claim form and return it along with any other information, if they ask for.

The insurance company will deal with the claim on your behalf and will sort out to replace or repairing any damaged things, once you return form to insurer. If everything is finalized, then they will send a letter to you to confirm the finalization.

These are the instructions to make claim on the public-liability insurance, if any incident occurs.