Guidance About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

By | December 17, 2010

Safety of the professionals is the primary concern for any company nowadays as many of the drug abusers are employed. So in order to provide safety and harmonious environment in workplaces, many organizations are conducting drug tests.

Pre employment drug testing became common in many organizations. Employers can also save the money on medical costs and accidents of employees, who use drugs. Drug abusing employees can not concentrate on the work, so the productivity can be reduced. Pre-employment drug testing prevents the drug abusing employees to get into the organization.

Today, there are many drug testing kits available in the market that help in conducting the pre-employment tests. Certain factors like cost, feasibility and appropriateness determine the drug tests. The drug testing can be reliable, but results of the drug tests may not accurate, which can be conducted without having procedural and technical safeguards. The Department of Health and Human Services has developed some mandatory guidelines for Federal Workplace drug testing programs. Employers need to follow such guidelines to ensure about all possible safeguards of the employees and applicants as well.