Know About Portable Barcode Printers

By | December 20, 2010

Barcode is in graphical patterns, it contains parallel black lines and white colour spaces among them. It is an easy way of carrying information about the item.Barcode is a technique, which is designed to describe the characters like alphabets, numerals, symbols and more, in the form of such lines, which are arranged in different spaces. These barcodes are read by special devices, that are called as the barcode scanners. Barcode printer is an equipment, which is used to print the barcodes on the label, which is stuck on the product or item.

There are many types of printers. Technology which is used in barcode printers keeps on changing day by day. The portable barcode printer is one of the examples for technology advancement. These printers are battery powered and they use the thermal printhead to print the barcodes on the label. Portable label printers are used for quick labeling purposes and they are designed to work on field. Using portable barcode printer will help to increase the efficiency and productivity of the worker, by helping in printing barcode labels. These printers are free from the cabling and a wired network infrastructure, hence can be used anywhere at any time. These printers can offer standard cable connectivity and communicate through radio frequency or bluetooth technology. The print width ranges from 2 to 4 inches. Barcode labels can be printed by portable barcode printers on assembly lines, shipping and receiving docks, patient bedsides, retail checkouts, offices and any where. Zebra printers are best example for these printers.

The above information is about portable barcode printers, which can be used at any location.