Pros and Cons of the Saliva-Drug Test

By | October 13, 2010

Saliva-drug test is a type of drug test which is used to determine whether a person has taken drugs. The saliva is collected and analyzed to know the presence of the drug substances in body.

This drug test has become popular because of many advantages like easy to use, accurate and fast results and less expensive. There are different pros and cons, such as:

Pros: There are many advantages like the sample can be collected on the spot. Sample can be collected under supervision, so there is no chance to contamination of the sample by switching, tampering or dilution in saliva-drug test. Fast and accurate results are given by this test. They can be read easily. There are different kits available, they are donor friendly, non invasive. Bathrooms are not required to administer the test. Sample can be collected in any environment. This test is very useful to detect the recent drug use. It is difficult to adulterate the results in this saliva drug test. To find out the current drug use at work place or in many organizations, this saliva drug test is the method.

Cons: There are some disadvantages like this test is not used for long history usage of drugs. Information about recent drug use is only given by this drug test. Though a wide range of drug types are detected, very commonly used drugs like alcohol or inhalants are cannot be detected with this drug test. One cannot perform many tests on the same sample.

So, the above information is about favorable and unfavorable factors of the saliva-drug test. But, this test has become popular though there are disadvantages.