Know About Different Types of Nannies

By | October 19, 2010

Parents may want to appoint a nanny to take care of their children. First step for that is they need to decide how much and what type of assistance they need. They need to determine the working hours of a nanny. After wards, they find out a nanny with particular skills. Choose one among them which is suitable for them. There are types of nannies, parents can see which type of nanny is suitable for them, such as:

Full time nannies: Generally, full time nannies work for 40 to 60 hours for a week anywhere. They take care of child either by staying at child’s home or by coming from outside. Some benefits and paid sick and vacation days can be received by full time nannies. Job description can depend on nannies and family.

Part time nannies: Such nannies may do same type of work of full time nannies but they work for few hours in a day or week. Working hours of part time nannies can be from 15 to 35 hours for a week in general.

Nannies for newborn: Few of the nannies are specially for infants or newborns. Nanny takes care of children as soon as they born. She also helps with the birth preparations even before birth of a child.

Before or after nannies: Few nannies help the parents to send the children to school and they take care of them before going to school and after coming from school. Nannies may have transportation responsibilities in a family.

Still there are few more type of nannies such as sick or emergency nannies, mommy nannies, shared nannies, vacation nannies.

The above information is about types of nannies, which may help the parents to choose suitable nanny.