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Advantages of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is one of the flooring options for flooring for home. This is a beautiful option of flooring. Marble is used in many places like home, public buildings, offices and others. This marble flooring not only provides beauty, but also many advantages. There are few reasons that informs why marble flooring is ideal for you.

  • Marble tile is durable, this can be said as one reason to prefer this. It is expensive to purchase and install these tiles and it lasts longer while comparing to the less expensive floor tiles. Generally, good marble flooring can last longer time than other options of flooring.


  • There are different colors and designs, patterns, styles are available in marble tiles for customers apart from durability. According to room, the color and design of marble tile can be chosen.
  • Marble tiles are bacteria resistant. So, people who want to be keep living and working place clean, prefer this option for flooring.
  • Marble tiles are moisture resistant. Because of this benefit, it is easy to clean the spills on a marble floor. Most spills can be cleaned by mild soap, water on marble floor. Stains of some liquids like grape juice or wine can be cleaned easily on marble tile. But, stains and spills should be dealt as early as possible.
  • One can use this marble flooring for any room in the home. But, many people think that marble tiles are used only for kitchen and bathroom, they can be installed any where and any room in a home like bedroom, dining rooms, living rooms etc.

These are the different advantages of marble tiles. Though it is expensive option, it is chosen by many people because of it’s many benefits.

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When Brake Pads Need to be Changed

Generally, brakes are replaced in place of old brakes. If you want to go on a long trip then you should check the brake pads of the vehicle. But many people do not know when brake pads are to be replaced. There are few signs to find out the time to change the brake pads, such as:

  • The main important thing is squealing or screeching. When your car is making squealing or screeching sound then it is time to replace the brake pads.
  • Most brake pads have soft metal tabs on them which produce a high pitched squeal on contact with the brake rotor. It indicates that the friction material present around the brake pads has worn out and needs replacement. Brake pads can shudder or rattle indicating loose parts.
  • The main and best option is checking the brake pads at regular intervals. You can see the brake pads by open rims with out removing the tires. You can see the friction material on the brake pads. If you find out the grooves in the brake rotor then it is the sign of severe wear out, then it is the time to change the brake pad.
  • Other signs are: Pulling of the car from one side to other, wheel grabs, brake pedal pumping.
  • Generally, composition of the brake pads, the friction material used, the weight of the vehicle, driving habits determine the life span of the brake pad.

If you use the brakes more then they will wear out soon. Changing the brake pads can be done on your own or get it done by mechanic.

Know About Different Types of Nannies

Parents may want to appoint a nanny to take care of their children. First step for that is they need to decide how much and what type of assistance they need. They need to determine the working hours of a nanny. After wards, they find out a nanny with particular skills. Choose one among them which is suitable for them. There are types of nannies, parents can see which type of nanny is suitable for them, such as:

Full time nannies: Generally, full time nannies work for 40 to 60 hours for a week anywhere. They take care of child either by staying at child’s home or by coming from outside. Some benefits and paid sick and vacation days can be received by full time nannies. Job description can depend on nannies and family.

Part time nannies: Such nannies may do same type of work of full time nannies but they work for few hours in a day or week. Working hours of part time nannies can be from 15 to 35 hours for a week in general.

Nannies for newborn: Few of the nannies are specially for infants or newborns. Nanny takes care of children as soon as they born. She also helps with the birth preparations even before birth of a child.

Before or after nannies: Few nannies help the parents to send the children to school and they take care of them before going to school and after coming from school. Nannies may have transportation responsibilities in a family.

Still there are few more type of nannies such as sick or emergency nannies, mommy nannies, shared nannies, vacation nannies.

The above information is about types of nannies, which may help the parents to choose suitable nanny.

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How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a game and it is also referred as 21 because getting your cards to total 21 is main objective in this game. Player main goal is to have a hand value that is to be closer to 21 than that of the dealer. Hand value should not cross 21.

In this game, you play against the dealer not against any one. There are some rules for dealer to play, so he should follow them.

If your game has 6 or 8 decks then all the players cards will be dealt face up, but the dealer’s first card will not. If your game has fewer decks, then it is usually dealt face down. There is no need to be scared to show the dealer or players if your cards are dealt face up or not in order to ask questions.

There is no affect of suits of cards on the game. From 2 to 10 cards are counted at face value and all face cards have value of 10 and an Ace card can be counted as one or eleven according to other cards which are in your hand. If you have 6 and 8 then your hand is worth 8+6=14, and if you have two jacks then the worth is 20 (10+10). If you have 6 and a Jack then its worth can be 7 or 17 and if you stop the game here then your hand worth will be 17, suppose if you draw another card which is 8 then 6+8+1=15, if you consider Ace as 11 then 6+8+11=25, then it will be highest number than the 21, then you will not win. Going over the 21 is called as busting. If you take Ace as 11 then it is referred as “soft” (6+ Ace=17) or if Ace is taken as value one then it is referred as “hard” (6+8+ Ace= 17).

The game’s dealing starts from the left of the dealer and it goes the table in a clock wise way. There are two passes which are made by dealer, first dealer gives the card for himself and passes one to each player and such cards should be face down on the table and second he takes card for himself and gives the cards for each player then at this time cards are to be faced up. Players should not touch their cards which are faced up and they can hold on hand cards which are faced down. Player can hold one card in hand other cards should be on table. Player will deal any consequential cards face up on the table and player should not pick them up.

The player is paid odds of 3 to 2. So, you will be paid by dealer $15, if you bet $10 and dealt a Kind and Ace.

Pros and Cons of the Saliva-Drug Test

Saliva-drug test is a type of drug test which is used to determine whether a person has taken drugs. The saliva is collected and analyzed to know the presence of the drug substances in body.

This drug test has become popular because of many advantages like easy to use, accurate and fast results and less expensive. There are different pros and cons, such as:

Pros: There are many advantages like the sample can be collected on the spot. Sample can be collected under supervision, so there is no chance to contamination of the sample by switching, tampering or dilution in saliva-drug test. Fast and accurate results are given by this test. They can be read easily. There are different kits available, they are donor friendly, non invasive. Bathrooms are not required to administer the test. Sample can be collected in any environment. This test is very useful to detect the recent drug use. It is difficult to adulterate the results in this saliva drug test. To find out the current drug use at work place or in many organizations, this saliva drug test is the method.

Cons: There are some disadvantages like this test is not used for long history usage of drugs. Information about recent drug use is only given by this drug test. Though a wide range of drug types are detected, very commonly used drugs like alcohol or inhalants are cannot be detected with this drug test. One cannot perform many tests on the same sample.

So, the above information is about favorable and unfavorable factors of the saliva-drug test. But, this test has become popular though there are disadvantages.