Do You Know Where Perfumes are Prepared?

By | September 20, 2010

Perfumes are manufactured throughout the world and wide varieties are being produced based on the interests of the people. Now the French is the top one in preparation of perfumes.

Obviously, the places where the ingredients for the perfumes grow, there perfumes can be made. The places where there is abundant growth in herbs, Lavender and with wide varieties of wild flowers, perfumes are prepared.

The fashion of the perfumes has existed from the past thousands of years. Earlier, Egyptians used to prepare them. During the ancient ages, Greeks used them then Athenians started using them. Then the preparation slowly came to Italy. The Arabs introduced the usage to Spain and been handled to Egyptians.

France occupies the first place in preparing the perfumes. The cities like Grasse in the Province region are famous for the preparation of the perfumes. The surrounding places of the fields fragrant herbs are being occupied by the perfume industry.

Out of total perfume production, France produces two thirds of the perfumes. Some of the historic manufacturers of the Grassie are Fragonard, Galimard and Molinard.

In ancient Rome and Greece, the Italian region of Campania is the best perfume manufacturer. The main ingredient crop for the production of perfumes are the roses.

The art of perfume making has a long relationship with the French people. Clarin is one of the biggest World’s selling companies.

The perfumes are made in England and the northern United States because large numbers of essence oils are produced there. Now at present, the leading manufacturers of perfumes are Italy and France.