Yoga And Its Benefits On Health

By | April 16, 2010

Yoga is an ancient time health practice, which consists of practicing physical postures and breathing techniques. It is beneficial to promote physical and mental well-being and it gives ample of health benefits if it is done consistently. Following are some of benefits of yoga on health:

Physical benefits
Flexibility – Yoga practices comprises muscles and body stretching, so it will help to be more flexible. It also offers greater range of motion to back, shoulders and hips.       

Strength – Yoga practices are of slow steady movements so it requires lot of muscle strength to perform and if performed continuously, muscles will become more and stronger.

Better Breathing
Different types of yoga postures mainly focus on the breathing and teach how to use lungs in a better way. These breathing exercises help a lot to calm the central nervous system, which will have both mental and physical benefits.

Mental benefits
Stress Reduction –Yoga practices need deep concentration, which helps a yoga practitioner to keep longer focus on his/her daily problems.

Mental Calmness – While performing yoga, a yoga practitioner will forget all surroundings and hence it will result in calmness to the mind.

Body Awareness – Yoga practices requires slow and accurate body movement so while doing this process an individual will know his your body better and become more comfortable with it.

Life is a long journey and to make smooth ride in it an individual has to add yoga as part of his/her daily routine. It is known fact that practicing yoga everyday can reduce the stress from the soul.