Comparison Of RFID And Barcode Technology

By | April 14, 2010

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification and Barcodes are two important aspects of businesses. These automatic identification systems are extensively used in present business world. Like a coin, both have two aspects of advantages as well as disadvantages.

Both are used to identify and track the data but they are different to each other by following way:

Radio frequency identification (RFID)
This type of identification system identifies and tracks the data by using radio waves. A RFID tag basically consists of two parts: an integrated circuit and an antenna. Integrated circuit is used to modulate and demodulate radio frequency signals whereas antenna is used to transmit these signals.


  • RFID technology is more comprehensive than barcode technology and these tags can be read from a greater distance.
  • RFID tags can be read much faster than barcode tags because barcode reading requires a direct line of sight.
  • In RFID tags editing is possible whereas barcodes lacks read and write facility.

Barcode technology is an optical representation of data, which is scanned and interpreted by a barcode scanner. In this type of identification system, data is represented by the width and spacing of parallel lines.


  • These types of tags are much cheaper than RFID tags.
  • Usage of barcode is much easier than RFID because barcode tags are lighter and smaller than RFID tags.
  • Damaged barcode can be replaced but if RFID is damaged then it is irreplaceable.

Hence, both are good for business purpose but their usage varies as per the product and demand. Only a wise selection of these identification systems can yield better result in business.

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