Salmonella Illnesses Affected 12 States

By | October 11, 2008

Government is urging with consumers to thoroughly cook frozen chicken after 32 people in 12 states were affected by Salmonella poisoning. These diseases are caused due to using raw chicken in bread toasting. These diseases are mainly caused due to chicken. The USDA informed to people not follows the cooking instruction on package cooking and microwave instructions for cooking the chicken dishes. The microwave did not heat the meals enough in order to kill the presence of Salmonella if instructions on microwave are followed.

The USDA asked the citizen to cook chicken to minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees of Fahrenheit. USDA has given several warnings to people who are going for chicken as there food but they did not follow those instructions and it was spread to 11 more states from one state. Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever with eight to 72 hours. Salmonella can also become life threatening, especially for those who has a week immune system such as infants and for senior citizens.

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