Tips To Avoid Messing Up With Closet

By | April 21, 2008

Some people say that the way a person’s closet maintains, resembles his capabilities to sustain with things. I don’t know how true it is, but taking your guest to your closet, when it is in complete clutter, will simply drive him away from the house (I tried – and it worked).

Therefore, to avoid such things you have to avoid cluttering in your closet. It is not as simple thing, I know. But let’s try with the following easy and feasible tips.

Start with a checklist. See what all you have and sort the useful and non-useful things. May be you can come across some eatables which you left long back (you don’t need it – right?).

Now look at your empty closet. You might now come to an idea on how much space you actually had and how much you used. When I looked into mine, I was amazed to see how such small space held my immense amount of clutter.

After giving it a big think, I understood how that was possible – Organization! I had a big set of clutter but kept it feeding to my closet in an organized manner. If organizing stuff can hold such a vast amount of clutter, it would work even better for your sorted-useful stuff.

Now, look at your closet! It’s tidy and clutter less. I know that it is hard to maintain it for a longer time. However, you can at least give a try!

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