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Meditation – One of the Basic Principles of Yoga

Meditation is one of the basic principles of yoga. Meditation is a best way to relieve and calm your mind. Meditation is the discipline in which one attempts to have control over his mind to get a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. The main part in meditation is controlling the thoughts in mind. Meditation helps you to maintain a proper balance between body and mind. The purpose of meditation is to transcend normal thinking and elevate oneself into a higher state of awareness and consciousness, to achieve a relaxed state of mind and be able to have more clearly focused mind.

Meditation is a simple and safe way to balance one’s physical, emotional and mental well being. Nowadays, most of the doctors are recommending meditation as a way to relieve insomnia, anxiety and also to lower blood pressure. It is more helpful for asthma patients to breathe easier. There are different types of meditations to practice.

Breathing meditation: It is true that meditation is easy, if you watch breath for short time. This is general form of meditation that requires you to sit quietly and focus only on breathing and nothing at all. While doing meditation many thoughts come across the mind but instead of focusing on those thoughts, you will allow thoughts to enter in your mind and leave your mind without responding to them. While imagining it will be easy, but while practicing it can be difficult to master.

Focused meditation: In this you need to choose something to focus on, either it may be physical object in front of you, sound or a thought. The principle behind this meditation is to control your thoughts by focusing on particular thing. This is more active way to control thoughts than basic meditation. This will help you to control unwanted thoughts entering into your mind.

Mindfulness meditation: This meditation is also called as vipassana meditation. In this you focus on what is going around right now, which will make you more aware of all the feeling and thoughts that carry your attention away. To know, you can start first focusing on breathing then notice the thoughts and feeling that come up on your mind.

Meditation is a most important part of yoga. This is the best way to attain control over mind and thoughts.

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Yoga And Its Benefits On Health

Yoga is an ancient time health practice, which consists of practicing physical postures and breathing techniques. It is beneficial to promote physical and mental well-being and it gives ample of health benefits if it is done consistently. Following are some of benefits of yoga on health:

Physical benefits
Flexibility – Yoga practices comprises muscles and body stretching, so it will help to be more flexible. It also offers greater range of motion to back, shoulders and hips.       

Strength – Yoga practices are of slow steady movements so it requires lot of muscle strength to perform and if performed continuously, muscles will become more and stronger.

Better Breathing
Different types of yoga postures mainly focus on the breathing and teach how to use lungs in a better way. These breathing exercises help a lot to calm the central nervous system, which will have both mental and physical benefits.

Mental benefits
Stress Reduction –Yoga practices need deep concentration, which helps a yoga practitioner to keep longer focus on his/her daily problems.

Mental Calmness – While performing yoga, a yoga practitioner will forget all surroundings and hence it will result in calmness to the mind.

Body Awareness – Yoga practices requires slow and accurate body movement so while doing this process an individual will know his your body better and become more comfortable with it.

Life is a long journey and to make smooth ride in it an individual has to add yoga as part of his/her daily routine. It is known fact that practicing yoga everyday can reduce the stress from the soul.

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