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Internal Vs External Website Monitoring

Web monitoring is performed inside and outside the firewall that businesses and people use. Some companies/organizations focus on internal and some on external web monitoring. Third-party website monitoring takes care of the site both internally and externally. Both the types are mentioned under clearly. Internal web monitoring: Internal web monitoring from your data center with… Read More »

Understanding the U.S TLD System

.us is a country code TLD for U.S.A. Many sites over the internet will be using this TLD in many different ways. Understanding them can be simple if we get to know about the logic according to which domain names are arranged in an URL. Jon Postel was the original administrator of .us domain. He… Read More »

Web Content Management Systems – Pros and Cons

There are different web content management system tools are available today. These come from a free open-source (where a dedicated team works) and the commercial tools by different companies. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss in this article pros and cons of using a web content management systems.