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Differences Between Translation and Interpretation

Often there is a misconception that translation and interpretation are one and the same with some little changes. But they are two different activities working with same ideology. The main thing in both translation and interpretation is to translate the source language in to target language. But the work they are doing varies which depends… Read More »

Know about Localization Vs Translation

In localization, materials are translated in to a foreign language and they are also adopted to fit a foreign culture. Localization deals with the graphics, proper forms for dates, adoption of local currencies, and even rethinking the size or physical structure of a product along with the words. Process of localization requires local sensitivities and… Read More »

Importance of Translation in Legal Matters

With increase in the international trade, dealings with countries other than our native country have come in to picture. This gave rise to the need of translation of legal documents. Translation in terms of legal matters include translating patents, summons, complaints, financial documents, contracts, evidences, foreign statutes, litigation support services, international document recovery, etc. For… Read More »

Some Translator Specializations

Translation is the method of conversion (in writing) of a meaning of text of one language into meaning of another language. Legal translators: Legal Translators translate legal documents like laws, foreign court orders, and treaties of the U. S. State Department. They also perform the task of correctly translating even doubtful or unclear statements. Technical… Read More »