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Difference Between Multi-panel Drug Test Strips and Drug Test Cups

Multi-panel drug test kits are most popularly used drug test kits for detecting drug usage by the person. A sample specimen like urine, hair, saliva, etc, is collected from the sample and that sample is tested using the device. Here we are talking about urine drug test kits which are used to detect drug metabolites in urine. In general multi-panel drug test kits are available in two forms – strips and cups. Even though the working principle is same for both the devices, there is a difference in their construction and the way we handle it. Let us the see the major differences in both the devices.

Multi-panel drug test strip: These strips are the flat and small devices which are made to identify 2-12 combination of drugs using the urine sample. Different combinations of drugs are identified using these strips and the most popular is the 5- panel drug test strip. This 5 panel drug test strip includes the detection of all the popularly used drugs and those which are identified by SAMSHA and NIDA. The popularly abused drugs include: Marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP and amphetamines. Different absorbent ends are given for individual drug identification and the result areas are different for each drug. This kind of arrangement enables the users about the name of the drug. However, these strips do have some drawbacks which are corrected in drug test cups.

Multi-panel drug test cups: These cups are devices which are used to detect drug metabolites in the urine. They function similar to the strips but the way they constructed are some what different. They are easy ways to collect the sample and read results. In these cups the result panel is attached to the cup it self and there is no need of dipping the strip and handling the sample. After collecting the sample in to the cup we can simply close the lid and can read the results after 5 minutes by removing the sticker on the result area. Since there is no such facility in the strips and there is a risk of sample spilling and making the person uncomfortable, drug test strips are less preferred. Read more

Facts about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drugs are the chemicals, which have susceptible impact on neuro-chemical balance of human brain that effects feelings and actions of an individual. Abusing drugs often or regularly leads to addiction. Although there is no particular age limit for drug addiction, earlier abuse causes more serious drug addiction.

Reasons for addiction
Every abuser has a different reason for drug abuse or addiction. Mostly to escape from problems, people abuse drugs, and become addicted. Many factors influence the individuals like social environment, person’s biology, and age. Family, friends, life style of individual contribute to drug abuse. Critical stages of life along with genetic, and environmental factors also affect drug addiction susceptibility.

Effects of addiction
Complications of drug addiction are very high and it is like a disease that affects brain, and total functioning of the body. Brain’s communication system is affected with the chemicals present in drugs as they disrupt the process of information flow to nerve cells. Short and long term effects are seen in the abuse due to drug addiction.

  • Short term: The chemicals present in the drugs will blow into the brain’s communication system. These chemicals can disturb the functioning of the “reward circuit” of the brain. Many short-term consequences are observed in abuser’s health and avoiding drug abuse can help in overcoming the short-term consequences. Sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, running nose, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, depression, headache, dizziness, effects on memory and respiratory problems etc are found with short term drug addiction.
  • Long term: Serious long-term effects are found with drug abuse and addiction changes brain chemical system and circuit. These effects can lead from mild itching to coma and to death of the drug abuser. This addiction facilitates the user in experiencing uncontrollable cravings particularly when they see place or person associated with drug. High drug addiction can lead for infectious diseases, breathing related diseases, veins, or nervous collapse, and abuser can even die in minutes in certain situations.

The above addressed information about reasons and effects of drug abuse and addiction can be useful in preventing drug abuse. Prevention programs and educating the people about effects can be helpful in preventing drug abuse and addiction in society. If it is not controlled at right time, these drugs can become masters of abuser’s life. The consequences of addiction of drug can be overwhelming to both the user and to the user’s family members.

Source: DrugAlcoholTest.com

Signs and Symptoms Drug Abuse and Addiction

To escape the emotional and physical discomfort, many people take drugs. Initially in the short term people may feel better while using drugs, but ultimately it will create adverse reaction. If people use drugs to avoid the problems, then physical, social, psychological results of drug abuse and addiction becomes worse than the original problem which people are trying to avoid.

The symptoms of addiction are same, ti does not matter what the substance, is though different drugs have different effects. Drug users should see the the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and addiction, if they recognize themselves in the following signs and symptoms of following then they should talk about their drug use and get help.

Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse:

  • Neglecting responsibilities: Neglecting responsibilities at home, work or school due to the use of drugs.
  • Legal trouble: legal troubles like arrests for disorderly conduct, stealing to support a drug habit, for driving under the influence.
  • Problems in relationship: Because of using drugs you may face problems in relationship like fights with family members, with partner, an unhappy boss, you may lose friends.
  • Common signs and symptoms of drug addiction: Drug tolerance: More drug is to be used to experience the same effects when you used to smaller amounts.
  • Lost control: Drug users lose their control on taking drugs. They take drugs more than planned though they told themselves to not to take. They may want to stop using drugs but they feel powerless.
  • Revolves around drug use: users spend more time on thinking about drug and using drug, they create plan to how to get them and think how to recover from the drug’s effects.
  • Continue to use drugs: Users get major problems in their life by using drugs like mood swings, infections, blackouts, depression, paranoia. However there are any problems, if they use.

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Can Marijuana Abused Become Marijuana Addicted

Though who use marijuana may not become addicted, when a person starts taking the drug and when he or she has the eager to take drugs then it is said to be dependent or drug addicted.

According NIDA, yearly more than 2,98,317 people are going to drug treatment programs. This report is showing that they need help to stop the using the drug.

Signs of withdrawal is showed by some heavy users when they do not use the drugs. These symptoms include restlessness, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, and shaky hands.

Teens use of marijuana may lead to serious anti-social problems and it will lead to dependence on the drug quickly, according to one study. According to the same study teens who are mentally disturbed are using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana.

Teens and adults abuse may start with a thought of experimenting; they may want to see the effects of the drug usage or some of them may be encouraged to take the drugs by their friends. Whatever the reason may be, the drug abuse will then be habituated and it will become addiction after some days.

Parents should be careful about their children’ drug habits, they always try to influence their children to keep them far away from drugs and alcohol by explaining the effects of the drugs. It is recommended to make it a routine to use marijuana drug test kits at home.

Side Effects of Stimulants Abuse

Effects of the stimulant vary according to the type of the stimulant, amount of the dosage and the time length it has been consumed. Snorted or the injected stimulants have much affect than the swallowed stimulant. The main affects are

  • Increases the blood pressure
  • Increases even the heart beat rate
  • Increases the glucose levels in blood.
  • A sense of euphoria
  • Opens the path of the respiratory system.
  • Increases the breathing
  • Makes the blood vessels narrower and tighter.

Apart from these major affects there are even short term and long term effects which affect the body of the consumed person.

Short term Effects: By the use of stimulants there is an increase in the amounts of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain which leads to many short term effects. These include increase in the levels of the blood pressure, increase in the frequency of breathing, increase in the heart beat rate etc. All these will appear and disappear quickly after the usage of the stimulants. It even increases the alertness, energy and wakefulness of the body.

Long Term Effects: All the stimulants are addictive, after consuming them for some time, they will continue the usage compulsorily even after consuming the completion of the prescribed period. The person consumes it in high doses after an initial use. The use of high doses for a short period of time leads to paranoia. Even in case of some stimulants the usage of high doses results in the increase in the temperature of the body and also leads to a irregular heart beat. The long term effect may even include cardiovascular failure also known as heart attack.

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