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Difference Between Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

When considering to promote or advertise your products and services online, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are the most common options. Here is a small note on the differences between these two models.

As the name suggests the search engine marketing finds space for advertising in search engines where as social media marketing finds best social networking sites for promoting a business. Concise information related to a particular search topic is provided by the search engine ads which are viewed by a consumer when searching for the specific information. Social media advertising offers the possibility to communicate directly with the consumer.

While advertising through search engines, the audience can include a varied group. In social media marketing, the target ads are based on demographic criteria, industry, job function, company size of the user and such information which enables focused audience. However, the traffic delivered to you by search engines is highly targeted that is generated by users, with clear intent and focus. Those who are interested in your brand or content view the ads from search engines where as a consumer (may) does not use the social media to look to buy a product.

For instance, people are not aware of new inventions which are developed as a solution for a common problem. So, they cannot search for it and get information of the new product through search engine ads. Whereas, social networking sites promote the product specifying the innovation and people get awareness of the product and like to purchase. This is one of the advantages of social media advertising over search engine marketing. On the whole, it can be said that search engine marketing is better for direct buy decision and social media marketing is ideal to promote products that are not yet in the mind of the consumer. Read more

Comparing Text Ads and Banner Ads

Ad ServerOnline advertising has become popular and effective and is more preferred to traditional methods of promoting the businesses. However, various forms of online ads are available among which text and banner ads are commonly found and used. Here is a comparison of these two forms of online ads.

Text ads, as the name suggests, includes text. These forms have a text line which is backed up by a hyperlink. When a consumer clicks on the click, he is directly taken to the website. Whereas, banner ads are placed at various points on a web page. They are not written into the text. The consumer is taken to the website upon clicking the banner ads.

Through text ads, you can even have content built around your advertisement. You can also mention the product by name. Banner ads are mostly preferred because they create and improve branding through name and logo recognition. As they visually display the product on the ad, they are more attractive than the simple text ads. Also, details of certain products cannot be known by simple text ads as they just have the description of the product. However, with banner ads, you can see the product visually clarifying your doubts. Ad servers for ad networksText ads can be ideally used for products that are like services including insurance, financial advice, healthcare and so on. Banner ads, on the other hand, can be used for advertising products from fashion apparel, to electronics, to home goods.

Text advertising is cheaper and affordable when compared to banner advertising. This information on the comparison of the two forms of online ads is very much helpful to take a right desired decision when you are struggling to opt a text or a banner ad for your company. Read more