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Online Advertising and Its Types

Online Advertising
Adserver softwareOnline advertising is very popular way of advertising through internet existed in the market in the last few years. The business or website owners do advertising in order to promote their brand or business among the people. This type of advertising helps both the advertiser and the publisher.

Online advertising consists of e-mail marketing, display or banners ads etc. There are many other types of online advertising that are stated under.

Types of Online Advertising
1. Displaying PPC ads:
For bringing the targeted audience to your company this PPC ads are major asset to your business, if the company has the resources financially. With PPC ads the traffic will increase enormously. Pay-per-click advertising will have the huge competition and small business need to have great experience in using PPC ads. This is most significant part of the advertising.

2. Blogging and Guest Blogging:
This helps your business or company a lot. It can integrate with the website you are having for your company. With blogs marketing or advertising can be done easily and effectively. Blogs will have many advantages as if you can publish the latest happenings in the company, speeches etc. This will make the people know about your company. Business blogs also helps in building relationships with clients and interact with your customers.

Ad server3. Social Media Marketing:
Some people think that advertising through the social media will not have much impact on your their business but it is wrong. Social media marketing brings more traffic and it is spreading vastly among the people. You must have some profiles of your company in social media sites like twitter, face book etc. and if you link this pages with your business blogs it will have major affect.

4. Affiliate Programs:
If your business is small and cannot afford more than it is better to go for the affiliate marketing. It is cost effective so it can be used by small business without running big campaigns. Affiliate marketing is nothing but helping each other i.e., when it comes to website one is driving traffic for another i.e., it is rewarding other businesses. Many affiliate programs will use CPA i.e., rewarding the affiliates for specific actions.

5. Email or SMS Marketing:
Email or SMS marketing is marketing. These are direct ways of marketing because here the messages or mails are sent directly to the customers containing the business or brand information.

These are some of the best ways of advertising through online and this will bring great traffic and revenue to your business.
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Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits for Auto Dealerships

Pay per click or PPC is sometimes named as paid search marketing or paid search advertising. In PPC, the sponsored links are bought on search engine results pages or SERP, blogs, content sites or websites. The paid search allows the auto dealerships to pay a fee to have dealerships website displayed on search engine results page. When some one enter specific phrases or keywords in the search engine the website link will be displayed. It is a great option to compliment for inbound marketing efforts. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of pay per click for an auto dealership business.

  • Small initial investment: Generally, search engines do not Ad servercharge anything to insert a Pay per click advertisement. There is no fee to create an account and the dealer only pay each time when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Instant results: One of the important advantages for an auto dealership is that it is the fastest way to get the traffic to the dealership website. The website will be displayed in the search results pages as soon as the dealer subscribed for pay per click campaign.
  • Set your own budget: By setting daily and monthly budgets for pay per click advertising, the dealer can control the costs. As a pay per click advertiser, the dealership firm can decide how much want to pay for meeting the marketing goals, increase the traffic to the website, bidding options and other keywords. According to your sales goals, and how aggressively you want to promote are the key factors to tailor your pay per click advertising.
  • Wider exposure: Search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. along with their network partners, reach a vast majority of Internet users. Placing a pay per click ad on the search engines will guarantee your website is getting a great exposure.
  • More local visibility: Search engines are display the ads as per the user search location. The content, links and the pay per click advertisement will helps to get more traffic to a dealership site especially from local potential customers.
  • Targeting: The pay per click advertising allows the dealership firms to target the ads. They will only appear or display to the specified qualified customers. The targeting options are based on time period (when the dealership plans for offer for a specific period), demographics, location targeting, language targeting and based on the user recent search history in the browser. So, there are lots of chances to convert a click to the sale.

The pay per click will display the auto dealership’s website at the top of the page. It will help even when the search engine optimization is not done and the website is at the lowest search rankings, until the dealer pays for it.
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Differences Between Online Advertising and Traditional Advertising

Ad serverTo remain competitive in marketplace, to create brand image, and to attract customers all businesses need to implement marketing strategies. The selection of marketing tools also depends upon the strategy. There are many differences between online advertising and traditional advertising. Traditional marketing includes direct mail (such as brochures and catalogs) print, radio, television, and billboards. Online or Internet or cyber-advertising includes banner ads, websites, forum postings and emails. Now we will see the main differences between online advertising and traditional advertising.

  • Tracking: The ability to track interest is an important difference between online advertising and traditional advertising. Internet advertising is easy to track. Through the internet the marketer can track number clicks for each banner. Also, they can track conversions of leads to sales, and correct their marketing strategies accordingly. Here, there is a possibility of consumer behavior observing, as, on which offer they mostly clicked and how they are compared the products, etc. In the traditional marketing there is no possibility of tracking the customers as like in the online advertising.
  • Exposure: Online advertising is operational 24 hours in a day, and provides global exposure. Until users are online, they cannot see the ad anywhere and at any time. But in case of traditional marketing, the ad will reach on that particular publication when it is in print edition and on a particular time when it is broadcasting. The people may or may not read the print edition, see or listen to the broadcasting advertisement. Barring this, it will not repeat.

Adserver software

  • Niche advertising: In traditional advertising, the companies have to depend upon the magazine or newspaper circulation, or on television ratings. The main problem with this method is, knowing exactly about who viewed or read will not be possible. Generally, people do not watch the commercials. On the other hand, when a website is more popular, we can place the ad there or the advertising companies according to their parameters and we can get the complete tracking.
  • Audience: The audiences are unique to each business. For example, young people usually check updates through their phones, laptop or any other media using Internet, so for them it is better to target through Internet. Children may watch cartoon-shows on television, so advertising in the television will be a good result. On the other hand, elderly people may prefer paper or other print media to read the news, for them print media is preferable. So the targeted customers will decide the traditional or online advertising.

Even though both online and traditional advertising have advantages, each has its own capabilities to reach the customers. As per the product, budget and the targeted customers, businesses need to make their advertising strategies.
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Pros and Cons of Rich Media

Rich media or interactive media on your website refers the features of responding to users’ actions, and further engage with the brand. Rich media will help encourage visitors to invest their effort and time in the brand. When visitors invest their time and effort in the brand, it is more likely to influence them to become loyal customers and become fans for the product. Now we will see the benefits and drawbacks with the rich media ads.

  • Pros: Pros with the rich media ads are as follows:
  • It helps to make powerful branding. Even if the viewers is not clicked the ad it can give the impression as likely to see and remember than the traditional display ads.
  • Rich media ads are more attractive to the viewers a least for first week. It can grab the attention of the viewers and leads to more clicks on the ad.
  • Simply by asking for some information or programming in more sophisticated analytics, the advertiser can collect more information from the visitor. It is not possible in the traditional display ad.
  • Rich media ads help to communicate more information through different types of media. Those are like games, small applications, animation, audio and video.
  • Cons: There are some cons with the rich media ads, and they are as follows:
  • There are many tools to block the rich media content ads. Users may block the ads with those tools. Some tools even provide for a particular website and some for all which contains similar formats. If they blocked completely for these type of ads with those tools, they can not see them. This may lead to loss of potential customers.
  • To create rich media ads, people need more skill and creative. They have to put a lot of effort on the ad than any other display ad. These are in big size too, so the website owners or the ad publishers may charge more.
  • Rich media ads tend to be more visible to the viewers online. They may irritate them. To avoid annoyance to viewers, for every particular period the ad has to be changed.
  • These ads generally large in file size and will take longer downloading time. Even with the faster internet connections it will take time. It will impact on the website load time. If the site loads slowly, visitors are likely to leave the site and look for another site.

Thus, there are both pros and cons with the rich media. Customers want to interact with the businesses or companies that they do business with. With the rich media you can improve the interaction with your customers. By engaging communication in two way with your website visitors, you can build an online community for your business.
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Get to Know About Different Types of Online Advertisements

Online advertisement is an effective way of advertising the products; these advertisements are getting more number of viewers within short period of time. Online advertisements are very efficient at reducing the product promotion expenses and in increasing the number of viewers. Online advertisement also promotes the products in many forms, like text ads, banner ads, pop-up ads, sidebar ads, floating ads etc. Among these we can commonly see text ads, banner ads, sidebar ads in the Internet.

Text ads: These are very efficient ads in promoting products. They promote the products as text based hyperlink form. These promotions include the catchy phrases which are effective at catching the viewer’s interest. These promote the products with less than five sentences length, when people want to get more information, they can click on the link that takes them to the home page of the website.

Banner ads: These are a bit more efficient than text ads for promoting a product. They use graphics and visual effects in promoting the brand. Banner ads are important at capturing the internet users’ interest to form the viewer’s traffic.

Pop-up ads: These ads promote the product by getting displayed on other company’s web page. These are not that beneficial to businesses in promoting the brand.

Sidebar ads: These are very much beneficial to business companies for promoting their product. Whenever the internet user opens a web page, product advertisements appear on the sides of the page. They commonly appear horizontally or vertically on the page. These promote the product with 160-600 pixel wide images.

Floating ads: When any web page is open, this advertisement takes place on that page for 5-30 seconds; these do not appear after a limited time. If anyone wants to check out more information that is included in that ad, one can just click it and get it easily.

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