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Advantages and Disadvantages of Grandparents Being Daycare Providers

With a necessity to find a childcare provider, parents are vexed to find different options. Among the many ways of providing childcare, one option giving relief is the grandparents. Many grandparents quit their work and are interested to look after their grandchildren.

You know that when compared to daycare providers, other friends or relatives, the grandparents love your children the most. Also, as the child knows them, they feel good and happy. So there is no need to worry as in case of daycare center option where you need to leave your child alone to a stranger. The grandparent knows the likes and dislikes of the child and arranges the duties or activities accordingly. The child feels free and do not get panic even when their parents are out for a long time. They also get into the close relationship with the grandparents.

However, there are also some cons related to childcare provided by grandparents. The differences in generational values regarding the discipline and other issues may create problems. Exposure of your child to other children at a daycare center can improve certain social and behavioral skills. But, this chance is blocked when you retain your child staying at home under the guidance of grandparents. They cannot make friends easily and feel difficult to go to social gatherings.

If you have special needs children, then a right caregiver should be chosen to look after the child. Special daycare center care providers have certain certifications that help them to take care of such children. Whereas, the grandparents who are less energetic may not cater the needs and special activities for such children. However, choosing the grandparents is based on your trust on them in providing the desired childcare.

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Know About Different Types of Nannies

Parents may want to appoint a nanny to take care of their children. First step for that is they need to decide how much and what type of assistance they need. They need to determine the working hours of a nanny. After wards, they find out a nanny with particular skills. Choose one among them which is suitable for them. There are types of nannies, parents can see which type of nanny is suitable for them, such as:

Full time nannies: Generally, full time nannies work for 40 to 60 hours for a week anywhere. They take care of child either by staying at child’s home or by coming from outside. Some benefits and paid sick and vacation days can be received by full time nannies. Job description can depend on nannies and family.

Part time nannies: Such nannies may do same type of work of full time nannies but they work for few hours in a day or week. Working hours of part time nannies can be from 15 to 35 hours for a week in general.

Nannies for newborn: Few of the nannies are specially for infants or newborns. Nanny takes care of children as soon as they born. She also helps with the birth preparations even before birth of a child.

Before or after nannies: Few nannies help the parents to send the children to school and they take care of them before going to school and after coming from school. Nannies may have transportation responsibilities in a family.

Still there are few more type of nannies such as sick or emergency nannies, mommy nannies, shared nannies, vacation nannies.

The above information is about types of nannies, which may help the parents to choose suitable nanny.

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Know About Nanny Hiring Benefits

Especially working employees, who have the children can understand the benefits of hiring nanny. They not only help in child care but they also provide support and provide flexibility in your work by free up your time. They are noble employees of the family for whom they work.

There is necessity to take full time job for childcare. It is not a simple job, nannies should have constant supervision on children from the time they wake up until they sleep. This can be one reason from many reasons to hire nanny for child care. But, you cannot trust anyone to provide childcare to your kid. Generally, parents consider not only childcare but also many things, before they choose a nanny.

Advantages of hiring a nanny:

  • Nannies can give your child individual care.
  • Childcare by nanny can be flexible and suitable for parents who have typical work timetables and emergencies.
  • Illness of children will be reduced in nannies’ care.
  • Safety, caring and their own environment can be provided by nannies to children.
  • Some of the nannies want to do many things regarding children like preparation of meal, laundry, cleaning their room etc., then flexibility can be provided by nannies to parents.
  • Nannies act as your children’ friends and they can love and understand them.

There are many benefits by hiring nanny, but parents have to do one main thing is selecting appropriate candidate as a nanny. Because she is important person in providing care and support for your children

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