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Diagnostic Medical Equipment and Their Uses

Diagnostic medical equipments are instruments used to diagnose the patient’s medical condition. This helps the doctor to choose the correct treatment for the particular disease. Once the diagnosis is completed, doctor starts the treatment based on the patient’s health condition.

There are several types of diagnostic medical equipments such as:

  • CT Scan is a computer tomography which gives the accurate 3D picture of cross section of patient’s body. In this, X-ray is used to take the pictures of the body and is connected to the computer monitor which receives the pictures from X-ray. It is used to diagnose the infections and identification of tumors.
  • MRI Scan is a magnetic resonance imaging scan and is a sophisticated diagnostic equipment used to diagnose the patient’s health condition. It uses strong magnetic and radio waves to take a picture of body.
  • PET Scan is Positron Emission Tomography that produces 3D image of human body. It is used to diagnose hearth diseases, Epilepsy and tumors.
  • Ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to diagnose the inner parts of the body. It is used to diagnose liver, kidney, heart and stomach.

Some of the commonly used diagnostic medical equipments are:

  • Sphygmomanometer is a device used to measure blood pressure. Blood pressure is an important factor responsible for most of the diseases. Mercury Sphygmomanometer is widely used as it gives accurate results. Digital sphygmomanometers measures blood pressure electronically.
  • Stethoscope is a tool used to record the heart beat. It is used to listen the functioning of lungs and flow of blood within the circulatory system. It is also used along with sphygmomanometer to record blood pressure.
  • Thermometers are used to record body temperature. There are different types of thermometers such as mercury thermometers, temperature strips and electronic thermometers. Mercury thermometers contain mercury enclosed in a glass tube. The level of mercury raise based on the body temperature. Temperature strips contain liquid crystals which reacts with heat. Temperature can be recorded with the change in the strip color. These are placed on the forehead. It does not give accurate results as the surroundings may alter the temperature reading. Electronic thermometers are contains electronic sensors and gives accurate results.
  • Opthalmoscope is a hand held device used to look into the fundus of eye. It is used to examine the retina, optic disc, choroid and blood vessels. There are different types of opthalmoscopes, such as:
    • Direct opthalmoscope consist of beam of light passed through the pupil of eye and the back of the eye ball is observed.
    • Indirect opthalmoscope is an instrument worn on the head, and beam of light is passed into the eye.
    • Slit lamp opthalmoscope is placed in front you. You should position your chin and fore head on support. Then a slit lamp is used to allow the light to pass into the eye and observe the eye using magnifying lens.
  • Otoscope is used to diagnose the inner parts of the ear. It is a hand held device containing a light to observe the inner parts of the ear with magnifying lens.

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Social Illness Vs Social Wellness

If you want to stay well, wellness should be internal as well as external. Environment around you also influence your health conditions. In this article, we will discuss about the behavior of people with social illness and social wellness.

Social illness
Social illness means poor involvement or poor communication with the environment around you. It is seen in people with social phobia (fear to expose in the society). Right from childhood, some children do not show interest in activities like playing with others, this habit develops gradually and continues for long. They hesitate to speak in front of others, they like to do work alone instead of sharing with others.

Behavior of people suffering from social illness:

  • They don’t mingle easily with others: As we mentioned earlier, it is a social phobia. It can be treated by consulting a psychiatrist.
  • Do not show active participation in social and other activities: They don’t like implementing some habits apart from routine habits like going to office, sitting alone and enjoying alone. They show disinterest in giving their involvement in society based activities.
  • Lead a routine life without any enjoyment: No change in daily schedule, working in the same way. This will develop a type of rejection for learning new things or adapting new changes.
  • Develop loneliness and live in their own world: They spent time alone in calm and peace environment. It is good only to some extent only for privacy things, not all the time.
  • Fail to maintain good relationship with people around them: Until you maintain good interaction with others, you will not know about importance of good relations in one’s life.
  • Loose mental stability: They cannot share with others, don’t know how to overcome any adverse situations and loose mental balance.
  • Always try to involve in conflicts if someone opposes their decision: They develop a stubborn nature as they don’t have much communication with external things and lack awareness, but still they support their argument.
  • Dissatisfaction: Only if you stay happy, you make others feel happy. So these people always have a feeling of dissatisfaction on things done by them.

Behavior of people with social wellness:

  • Active participation in social activities: They try to have changes from time to time in their schedule to enjoy life. They involve in social activities and feel responsible to the society.
  • Develop friendship with strangers: They always like to mingle with people rather than staying alone. Try to get new friends as many as they can. They don’t try to hesitate to speak to a person who is totally new to them.
  • Respect others opinion: They have flexible mind set and show some patience in listening to others opinion and respect others opinion.
  • Maintain good relations: They try to maintain and build relations instead of breaking them.
  • Have more awareness about issues happening around them: Social wellness not only improves physical and mental health, but also develops awareness among people about current affairs as they maintain good communication.
  • Maintain mental balance: People with social wellness can mange stress well, which is the main reason for mental instability.

Social wellness promotes overall wellness of a person. So try to maintain social wellness, consult a psychiatrist if you feel like you have signs of social illness and extend your lifespan. Read more

Hate Depression Before It Takes You

Depression is very common amongst all the moods. I’ve seen some people feeling themselves comfortable in depression rather than in joyous mood. It is OK if you are depressed of some hurdle that came your way in life or something you have planned to do. Depression helps us to relax for sometime and think of what went wrong and how we could avoid it. Then it boosts our life with some refreshment. All this happens when you deal depression in a positive way. It is one of the factors of a successful human being to think positive even in worst situations.

Many people do take their depression in wrong way. And end up in messing up with their beautiful life. They take this depression to last longer for months and years. This is when we call it as a mental disorder.

Medicines are not answer for depression every time. They can help you only if your depression is some chemical imbalance.

The main remedy of depression is to avoid it before it takes on you. Because prevention is always better than cure.

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How to Break a Bad Habit?

Every one has some habitual activities that includes good habits as well as bad habits such as smoking, drinking. It is very difficult to understand why we create habits for activities that are bad for us either physically, emotionally, especially when we consider the consequences, but somehow we do. But there are no miracle cures when it comes to breaking a bad habit. Generally most people break their bad habit through the use of an adviser, or expert in their field. So some people hire or read books by nutrition experts to help them improve their diet. Some people watch exercise videos or get a physical trainer to lose weight. Some people join Alcoholics Anonymous. And so on. But an extremely rare one who can able to quit a bad habit without outside persons helps. Here are some tips for who are thinking to quit their bad habits.

First you simply forcing yourself to stop a habit leave you with a void, one that you used to fill with that habit. So if you are the type of person who snacks on chocolate while you watch TV, and you want to stop snacking and lose weight, then if you simply stop snacking, every time you watch TV, So the trick, simplistically put, is to replace your snacking habit with a different, positive habit – even if it’s simply snacking on something healthy, like fruits and nuts. So rather than participating in your negative habit, you’re now participating in a positive habit that is good for you and helps you feel better about yourself. Of course, it isn’t just that easy to do. It will take some time and endeavor, and the right coaching. I do consider that a specialist coach is a must for most of us when it comes to breaking bad habits. And it has to be the type of coach who approaches your habit from a optimistic point of view. One who encourages you, makes you feel good about yourself, and makes you want to contribute in your positive habits.

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