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Diagnostic Medical Equipment and Their Uses

Diagnostic medical equipments are instruments used to diagnose the patient’s medical condition. This helps the doctor to choose the correct treatment for the particular disease. Once the diagnosis is completed, doctor starts the treatment based on the patient’s health condition. There are several types of diagnostic medical equipments such as: CT Scan is a computer… Read More »

Social Illness Vs Social Wellness

If you want to stay well, wellness should be internal as well as external. Environment around you also influence your health conditions. In this article, we will discuss about the behavior of people with social illness and social wellness.

Hate Depression Before It Takes You

Depression is very common amongst all the moods. I’ve seen some people feeling themselves comfortable in depression rather than in joyous mood. It is OK if you are depressed of some hurdle that came your way in life or something you have planned to do. Depression helps us to relax for sometime and think of… Read More »

How to Break a Bad Habit?

Every one has some habitual activities that includes good habits as well as bad habits such as smoking, drinking. It is very difficult to understand why we create habits for activities that are bad for us either physically, emotionally, especially when we consider the consequences, but somehow we do. But there are no miracle cures… Read More »